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  1. Okay, i just noticed this fleetrate.com, has anybody done this, or is it basically all BS. Because they say they have rates for 359/mo . Thats the cheapest i have seen. brandon
  2. So basically you guys are saying go with the 98? I am worried about the first year model, thats where i was hoping you guys would come in and let me know.
  3. Okay guys. I have two choices narrowed down. There is a 2000 Gs300 with 83k miles. . Then i have a 98 Gs3 with 63 k miles. From everyones experience on the forum, is there that big of a difference in the 2k and 98 models, and do you think i should play it safe with the low milage, or take the newer car. Thanks alot for your input i appreciate it. brandon
  4. i was doing some research and couldnt find this out, so im relying on you guys. Do all lexus gs 300 98 mainly come with heated seats or is this an addition cost. Thanks alot i appreciate your responses. brandon
  5. Sorry guys... but being from maxima.org alot and looking at the newer maxima... I see alot of similarities. I think it looks alot like the new maxima. The older style looks unique, This whole new body shape is taking on the effects that the newer maxima has... Just my honest opinion. brandon
  6. This is interesting. Im only 20, and thinking of being able to just cut one check is a huge idea to me. I wasn't to fond of leasing until i just read your post SW03ES, very informative. I was also going to buy a 2000 gs3, I just wasnt sure what the payments would be on a lease for it. The one that i was looking at with a 2k down payment would be 350 a month. Im not too sure but from the lexus website the lease payment with 2k down was lik close to 500 a month. I dont know if i could afford that. I guess leasing and financing all depends on the income one has. Im a college boy so my income = crap. brandon
  7. Yeah i agree completely... i have fallen in love with these cars for a while. The only thing im worried about is the possibility of getting screwed with the maxima. Im also not too sure if i want to purchase this just to have the new gs come out in 6 months. Hard decision, but i appreciate your reply brandon
  8. I currently have a 2000 maxima and i am planning on purchasing a GS 3. I have a couple of questions. The Car i want to buy is the 2000 Gs3 black on black. It has 57k miles, kinda high, but the prices beats the mileage. I just was wondering what exactly to look for while test driving, and since its near the 60 k service how expensive this is. Im planning on trading in my maxima which i owe 11k on and the trade in is 11 so im hoping hell just call it a trade. But any comments let me know. thanks brandon
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