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  1. I have a 90' LS400 that loses speaker volume when it is rainy outside. I can turn the volume all the way up and can just barley hear it. It doesn't mater if I'm listening to the radio or CD, same problem. I think opening and closing trunk helped at one point. My wife was in the car, and as I open and closed the trunk, she said it got better for a second. I don't think I have ever had this happen on a dry day. Any ideas? Thank you
  2. New gas cap did the trick, thanks.
  3. I found a local locksmith ( cut my Ebay blank for $25. I would call around your local, larger, locksmiths. Make sure you tell them yours does not have chip in it (they all assume that it does as it is a Lexus).
  4. All the time when it is hot outside. I have noticed that the smell is diminished when it is cooler outside.
  5. more thing. It never hisses when removing the cap in warm weather. Thanks
  6. I have searched for this problem in forums, and it does not appear to be common issue. My 1990 LS400 has a fuel smell that is generally coming from the passenger rear side of the car when it warmer outside. I do not see any sign of leaking fuel on the pavement. The cap seems to be seated good when screwed in. What could be causing this smell? I want to make sure this is not an unsafe situation for my family, and it's just plain stinky at times. :o Thanks for all the great information here on this site.
  7. bump Can someone tell me where to find it? I have a 1990 LS400 Thanks
  8. Where is it located? I think mine needs to be replaced. There is a slight fuel odor coming from the rear of my 90' LS400
  9. Are there any tutorials out there on changing to AC compressor? What kind of freon does a 90' take? Thanks
  10. Nope, no check engine light and it runs great. The fuel smell tends to be coming from the passenger side near the rear of the car, sometimes we can smell it inside of the car. Also, Is the fuel tank suppose to build up pressure? I have never heard a hiss when removing gas cap. .
  11. None of those "other" problems about the fuel gauge. And I just have fuel fumes coming out from underneath my car area when my car is running. You just can't smell it so much outside because it's so open but when you pull into the garage you can smell it a LOT regardless if the car has been sitting all night or if the car has been driven all day. Seems as if nobody has really had this problem. Did you find out the problem here? I have a slight fuel odor and I can't really tell were it is coming from. It tends to be stronger on warm days, and when tank has more fuel in it. It really has my wife worried. Anyone have any ideas? Were would I find canister that may be full of clogged?
  12. Ok, thanks! I am not real proficient in auto repair. Would this be basically unbolt old one and bolt on the new one? It looks real tight down there.
  13. Thanks for the reply How can I tell? I'm sorry, I know carpentry and computers but not a whole lot about cars. The clutch is the black thing that is on the front of the compressor. Look under the hood while the engine is running, then have someone turn on the A/C. The thing that starts turning is the clutch. Ok, today while driving about 35mph I turned the AC on and it did not seem to bog the engine down at all, but I do hear something that sounds like bad bearings. While parked and idling, I turned AC on, this time it did not bog engine down. The clutch is turning when AC is on, but also makes a sound (loose marbles) like bad bearings when turned on. Where would you say the bearings are? Does that mean I have to replace whole compressor, or can that be repaired?
  14. I have not tried that. I will check tonight on the way home and let ya know....
  15. Thanks for the reply How can I tell? I'm sorry, I know carpentry and computers but not a whole lot about cars.