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  1. Hi, I opened a thread in LOC-UK about the OEM rims. I want to know what they are called or who manufactures them...? LINK What we know by now is: There is a sign saying "JIL" on the outside: Japanese Institute of Labour??? They are made in Japan. Thats what MattC is saying... But who does them? What is the marking of these alloys? Me thinks its YHI International Limited. And there you go for ENKEI, OZ or Advanti. They manufacture about 1.2mio rims/year YHI International Limited: LINK And by comparing the wheels YHI does, our OEM 5Spoke is more likely a Advanti wheel: LINK 26 ZEAL Silver LINK Advanti has several rims which look nearly like the our OEM: Quantum: LINK Cardiac: LINK Could this be true? Our 17INCH oem is manufactured by Advanti? What do you think/know?
  2. Not cheap looking and a full reskin. Have a look: LINK And LINK After trimmed it looks the biz :) It's about 800USD. Supplier is (Jeremie).
  3. Go for TRD Shortshifter. This knob is delivered with it: You can find this knob on ebay often. It replaces the chrome knob very well. I have it. But the OEM knob IS CULT!! Perhaps if you like and your chrome knob is unscratched we could swap....
  4. Thanks for fast reply. So this spoiler is not OEM? I asked because if it has a Lexus part number it would be much easier to get it road legal here in Germany. However there will be a problem with the break light. It must have a E-mark engraved into it to ensure the light confirms international standarts. It's a pain in the ....
  5. Can you help us with the number? And a price? OEM US Lexus rear spoiler with break light:
  6. Clear Turnlights = HID Amber Turnlights = no HID :chairshot: Nice smilies :) All new IS have smoked out lights. They can be ordered from German dealership. But me thinks he is searching for black.
  7. "ACC-stuck" is a common problem. It can be sorted out easily and not very expensive. Have a look here: LINK, LINK, LINK
  8. Sometimes electronic emissions disturbe the keyfob while sending (jamming). Somtimes the car have to learn the key again. Here is the procedure to do this: Will be funny. But perhaps it works. Cheers, Andi from Germany ;)
  9. Hello from Germany :) Have a look at this: LINK.pdf I heard, the new Lexi ('04) do have the same navigation-system like Toyota Prius. So.... if you want a update, talk to your dealer about malfunction. Here I found the information: LINK
  10. Beaware of the caps. They let the light look white. Not blue. Wait for Fargo from UK-Forum: LINK Have a look on the vid in this thread.
  11. Have a look into the UK-Forums. There are much more Lex IS-drivers. Do a search on "radio + removal" or look into maintenance/work shop. LINK MS WORD Document But you already did it :)
  12. Your dealer is wrong. The Unit is under 60Month warranty with unlimited miles. <_<
  13. Sorry, the CDPlayer is under 60Month warranty, unlimited miles. Just get it changed ;)
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