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  1. Hi, my name is ralf and i´m from germany. some of you know me and my blue IS 200. After one year driving an Mitsubishi EVO 8 (an excellent car), i decide to buy my absolute dream of a car. The NISSAN Skyline R34 GT-R. The color called Midnight Purple II. It´s one of only 300 built cars! The engine has been complete revised. New Turbo´s, new NISMO Clutch, Exhaust, catalyser and so on... The car has about 450 HP and its top speed is around 310 km/h (approx. 200 mph) I´m so proud of my new ride.... What´s your opinion about it?? Greets from Germany Ralf btw. sorry for my bad english.... :whistles:
  2. Hi guys, i want to show you my Lexus IS 200. I´m from germany and i want to know YOUR oppinion about my car. ** I love it ** Greets Ralfi
  3. Thank you for your help the european is 200 is also 6 cylinder but only with 155 hp (stock). it has a manuel 6 shift gear box. In europe the is300 is only available with automatic. but i have still one question: why are the turn lights on the photos orange?? In europe, from 2002 on, the IS has got clear turn lights without the orange stripe. is this different in the us??
  4. Hi guys. My name is ralf and i´m from germany. Please excuse my bad english! :whistles: I´m looking for some black headlights for my IS 200. My Lex has already xenon lights, so i´m just looking for the black light-body without the bulbs. I hope you were able to unterstand my prob and you can help me! Thanks a lot! Btw: this is my baby!!
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