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  1. We have had her new car for 6 weeks now. Love the convertible and the car is very smooth looks great. Bob
  2. Apparently there is a new TSB for the trouble being heard on the Bluetooth. They are replacing the radio unit with a new one that is changed to solve the problem. I was at the dealer today and they ordered a new one for my RX350. All I told them was people cannot hear me very well when I'm on my Bluetooth. Bob
  3. Just found out what will be new for 2011 on the RX450h. Was letting the dealer know what I wanted and was told no changes except for some change in colors. [Color is the only change for the 2011 RX 450h, with Black Opal Mica and Stargazer Black added, and Aurora White Pearl, Truffle Mica, and Black Sapphire Pearl are deleted. The rest of the vehicle, including the 295-horsepower combined output hybrid system, carry forward from 2010.] Apparently there is a TSB for the trouble being heard on the Bluetooth. They are replacing the radio unit with a new one that is different and solved the problem. They ordered a new one for my RX350. Bob
  4. Thanks all for the info!! I live in Alabama and don't have to deal very much with real cold weather. Where I'm at I can almost always get 100% gasoline with no ethonal and think that helps me with my mileage. We don't even get the winter blend down here. I have the RX350 and getting a average of 24mpg (no interstate and 20% city type with the rest country style). I have had a couple of Toyota Hybrids and loved them and know what you mean about the colder weather and the short trips affecting your MPGs. Bob
  5. Blitzjb Thanks for the info. How is the wind noise and level with the top down?? Does the car feel solid with the top down? Thanks Bob
  6. Wife wants the IS 250 C so looking to get a 2011 when they come out. Any 2010 IS C owners out there have any comments or issues?? Thanks Bob
  7. Would like to hear from some RX450h owners on how their vehicle is doing. Also would like to hear your milage and how you like the power? I plan on trading for a 2011. Thanks Bob
  8. I don't understand why folks will drop over $3k for GPS and most rarely use it. Also the difference in price around me is not $7k but $5k (37,625 vs 42,685) and how much more does a hybrid trade for used over a non-hybrid?? Guess I'm not looking for a race car because I feel the power of my RX is plenty for me. I think it has great get up and go so if the hybrid is the same then I'm happy. Bob
  9. With the car off hold down the trip meter reset button and switch the car on while holding the trip meter. You will see a count down on the center of the dash. When it has finished, release. You have to start with odo in display not trip A but not a 100% sure about that. It may be you have to start in trip A when you start. One or the other. Bob
  10. Jenlai I was told there is a pot that can be ajusted but at best would only add about %10 volumn increase and has to be done at the dealer. I too feel their mic is inadaquate. Bob
  11. I love the mouse controller. It's very easy to use and operates everything for the screen. They had to do something different with the screen moved so far foward and covered. This helps with sun wash and keeps your eyes close to the road area while checking the screen. I have over 10k miles on my RX350 now and the tread depth still looks new! I guess if you are one to take corners at high speed it could wear the edges quickley. Been very pleased with the car and love it. I do plan on trading this fall for the hybrid for I've owned hybrids and miss the technology. PS Sell you mine in a few months/lol Bob
  12. Have already talked to the dealer and looking at a $7k lose. I wanting a hybrid and I'm getting older and work hard. I will have to keep the hybrid longer than I usually do. I'm bad to trade every year or two. It's a sickness. I was hoping they would tweak some things that have been listed in the pet peaves which as a whole are minor things. Stuff like improved bluetooth mic, things such as that. Bob
  13. I like the looks of it and love the Hybrid technology for I have owned 4 Toyota brand hybrids and have nothing but praise!!! This is too small for me (I'm too old) but see a market for it and hope it does well. I plan on trading my RX350 for a RX450h this fall. Been missing my hybrid and wished I got it to began with. Bob
  14. I agree most with what the original post stated and would like to add the sorry performance of the mic ability to pickup your voice while using Bluetooth. The rest are trivial but the Bluetooth is surprising to me from Lexus. I love using it for safety reasons but don't like having to almost yell to be heard. Found this the same in my Toyotas and my wife's IS250. Maybe I should make a cone and put over the mic to increase performance. I love the car and the layout of the controls and especially the mouse controller, well done Lexus, now fix the mic.