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  1. Two years later and I bought one! I got a CT200h F sport six months ago primarily for around and both my wife and I really like it. Kinda down on power, so we drive it in "sport"mode all the time which makes it more responsive, but other than that it's great - quaint, economical, fun to drive and the most comfortable seats of any car we've had.
  2. I've used Dent Wizard in Oakville. They fixed a sharp dent in my wife's TSX rear fender and did a superb job
  3. Wow - the first post! everything I've seen of the CT200H suggests it's a car for me. I like them smaller than big, it looks great, it's sporty and it has soe really neat features (four different driving modes, colored display graphics etc.) and, of course it's a hybrid. The pricing is going to tdetermine its success. Here in Canada, the IS series starts in the mid $30,000, so the CT200H should be under it somewhere. I'm going to replace my TSX next year and this could be perfect. It's like an Audi A3 but nices insides/hybrid and not made in Germany, or an Aacura CSX but with more luxury and features.