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  1. Monarch: You have more bull then the KC stock yards. Where do you get your worthless ideas at? Being a Powertrain engineer for a major OEM player, that is not how prowertrain designs work. First and foremost is to design for less maintenance and robustness of the drive train, plus if you came with your design thoughts today, you would be fired.
  2. :chairshot: You hit the nail on the haed, I too bought Kumho, you will love these and mine cost only $305 for the 4 tires including tax.
  3. Sorry: PE is preliminary investigation If you look on the NASTA web site for RX300 you will find 14 complaints for transmissions.........per my staff guru this is usually enough to start a PE. You say 14 is not many? Well NASTA thinks so because if a person takes the time to document a claim it means usually all else failed........ Keep posted
  4. Guys: Here is my take.....I started reading this tread about a month ago. I have a 2001 AWD with 100k, never liked the transmission from day one. Its the wife's car........I trusted Toyota and have a 1993 Camry with 212k on transmission. I never thought Toyota would have a problem but they do, and like one person says its design related. Maybe the problem was fixed, who knows? Anyway, I work in a automotive related industry, we have a guru on staff that knows NHSTA inside and out for air bag products, he tells me a PE was started for a Toyota transmission, I need him to check into thios some more. Keep ya posted
  5. very easy just like the fronts no special tool
  6. That's a bargin price.......12 x $5.00 = $60.00 and he is charging only $125........heck yes I would every 15k......but my dealer charges that for a 4 quart drain and fill
  7. lenore: I did as you said........you know the drain and fill must help.......there can not be a debate on this....first, yes your not pulling out all the old oil.......but your adding good to make a improved ratio. Do this three times at appox 4 quarts times 3 equals 12 quarts........go buy 13 quarts at $5.00/each equals 65 bucks BIG DEAL........do it every 30k and the tranny should last........its when you never touch the tranny for 100k that bites ya. This is where Lexus has let us down. oh BTW.....becareful about taking the plug off/on.......last time I didn't have it torqued all the way and leaked. How tight do you toque it IF I don't have a torque wrench? bill
  8. Don't know what you are saying here...but changing front pads is like a walk in the park.
  9. Wow......I feel good that these 350's are not much better then the 300. It seems that once 1999-01 came and went they started to be a good car. One guy talks about Toyota not much better then GM and its the old idea never buy the first or second year of any car.
  10. Wow: Newport at 77K that's a tuff pill to take and lost transmission...........how much? $4400? I think its a crime that a RX can't do better then 77k........ later
  11. Wow lexkid/630: Good comments........you sure are a expert on RX's owning so many........ I like the comment you like the old RX300 over the 330 and 350........I too got a 330 for a rental and don't like the view in the rear window and noticed no advantage over the 300.........so i will keep my 300
  12. Wow LexKid/630: Your loaded for bear with all those Lexus's........you either own a dealership or are a doctor to afford all those cars. Otherwise, what would make a person buy so many/ They are nice but not that great. Yes, from what I see on this thread the 1999 and 2000 are the worst.......but at 177k you can't camplain. Listen, in 2000 Lexus sold 65,000 of these RX300 more then any other Lexus maybe combined.......and on this site.. is maybe 2000 owners complaining.....so this would not be a site to get a good answer.
  13. Here I am again........look....... you right about Lexus people not being gear heads.....but this site is loaded with owners who bought those leased RX's after they have be turned in and are not happy. Listen, the true test of any car is reliablity over the life of the car. Lexus knows this and the whole auto world knows that. Anybody can buy a new car and tell the world how great it is, but how about when its used after 5-10 years. Lexus is a good product, (over priced) and a money maker for Toyota exspecially the RX on a Camry frame. But I have reservations about the new RX going the distance like 200k without major problems. That is not asking alot toady in the auto world.
  14. Have a 2001 RX and drivers seat showing wear and some breaks in the leather, its ivory color. Has anyone have a shop relace the leather? I have a good man to do this but has anybody ordered the leather from Lexus or know where to get this leather to replace? thanks, Bill
  15. George and Co: I too have a 2001 AWD RX just turned 100k miles. Its a OK car nothing special about these RX just alot of hipe on Toyota parts. The 3.0L is Toyota big deal........I have a 1993 Camry with 279k miles, bought new.......never any major problems, I think whats going on here is the RX is a "dolled" up Toyota with all the bells and whisles and those things will break. Things like PW, PDL, AC are will proven, but this transmission with the fancy shift points, the VSC, etc is a bunch of stuff you must service and maintain. People will tell you, that the more high priced the car the more it costs.......so we must baer the fruit. As far as keeping the car to 200-300k, I now have reservations about that, I don't thing this RX will last like my Camry or be as cheap to operate.
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