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  1. Just took my 2004 RX330 (build date 10/03, in-service date 11/03, mileage 50,500) to the dealer with this moonroof grinding/groaning noise on the list of junk that I think shouldn't be happening to a Lexus. They confirmed the problem ("verified sunroof cable and track contamination") and recommended "replace sliding roof assemlby [sic] with motor. (found sliding roof assembly excessively noisy.)" at a cost of $2,319.18. No mention of a TSB or consideration for this Lexus owner. The service writer asked if I used the moonroof alot. What constitutes "alot"? Is there a warning in the manual about use of the moonroof? Searching this board afterwards, unfortunately, revealed TSB for the moonroof grinding/groaning with warranty of 48 mons or 50,000 miles which excludes my vehicle.
  2. Just took my 2004 RX330 (2WD) with 50,500 miles to Lexus dealer (Lexus of Jacksonville) with a punch list of items that included moisture accumulation in headlamps and fog lamps. The only item with moisture in there when they saw the car was the passenger fog lamp and they quoted me a price for replacing. When I went out with service writer to have her show me what they did do (recalls for cup in master cylinder and item on center console near accelerator pedal) both headlights had moisture (light condensation covered almost entire inside of lens). Her position is that Lexus won't even replace that under warranty - the design is "vented" and Lexus says the moisture isn't a problem if it burns off within 30 mins of having the headlights on. Other items on my list included the moonroof grinding/groaning ($2,300)(DENIED), airflow actuator near driver's right foot making clicking noise ($150)(DENIED), plastic "chrome" peeling off front passenger door ($850)(DENIED), acceleration sensation when accelerator released in preparation for braking to stop the vehicle (service writer wrote up problem description wrong - something about shifting problem when car was decelerating and then driver accelerated) (some ECM / PROM update for $200)(DENIED), whining/humming noise from transmission noticed during acceleration (NORMAL - cable vibration according to service writer), and a few other cats/dogs. The service writer asked if I used the moonroof alot. What constitutes "alot"? Is there a warning in the manual about use of the moonroof? Searching this board afterwards, unfortunately, revealed TSB for the moonroof grinding/groaning with warranty of 48 mons or 50,000 miles which excludes my vehicle. THIS WILL BE MY LAST, AND ONLY, LEXUS. It's a beautiful car but LEXUS quality is atrocious and their lack of concern for their products after the sale/warranty is absurd, particularly with LEXUS. Those commercials about Lexus quality make me nauseous. Oh, apparently it makes a difference if you bought the car from a Lexus dealer (I didn't) and had the car at the particular dealer (Lexus of Jacksonsville) before - these were both questions asked by the service writer which confounded me as to the cause/affect of the problems the car has.
  3. The RX330, at least my 2004 and I'd guess all the RX330s, have U151E (2WD) or U151F (4WD) unless I'm mistaken. The .pdf you posted is for the RX300 transaxle (U140 series) it looks like. Thank you for posting it anyway. It's very similar in theory to what I have in my 330 though. I've removed the front and mid undercarriage covers to expose the trans cooler lines and tranny pan. The 10mm bolts on the passenger side towards the rear, about 2 of them near the rear corner there, will be a challenge to access/remove. It looks like I'll need to use a open/box end wrench on them while the others look like a socket wrench will do. Access on those few bolts is impaired by the sub-frame running along that side. I got the case of ATF Type T-IV from a dealership in Va the other day via UPS, purchased through eBay. The price came to $5.88/qt including shipping. Local dealer wanted $5.95/qt plus tax.
  4. So far I've mapped out how the flow should go, using illustrated parts breakdowns from a dealer's parts website. From this method, I'll confirm next week hopefully, the 2WD RX330 (2004) has fluid output from the upper fitting on the transmission and into the upper fitting on the radiator (where the cooler resides), with flow coming out of the bottom fitting and to the lower fitting on the transmission housing. There is no 2ndary cooler that I can find. (There is a funky tubing assembly between the hoses that go to the transmission housing and the hoses that go to the tranny cooler inside the radiator which I find odd.) The reason I want to know is for when I do the flush myself (not using a machine). I've done this on the previous vehicle - a 1992 Previa - and hooked up a 3/8" id clean vinyl hose to the output from the cooler. After draining the tranny pan and replacing the filter, I overfilled the tranny, hooked up the clear hose and directed it into a 5 gallon bucket that I'd marked in 1 qt graduations on the side. I started the Previa and watched brownish fluid pump out and when it was the amount of the overfill, I stopped the engine. I overfilled again and repeated, with this time resulting in fluid the color of what I put in eventually coming through the hose. I can't recall but also think I cycled the tranny through the PRNDL and back. (This was so much fun I did it to my Turbo 350. That tranny pumped fluid out about 2x faster than the Previa!)
  5. Can someone tell me which hose is the inlet hose to the transmission? I'm planning on doing the flush by disconnecting the outlet hose from the transmission cooler (which would be the inlet hose to the transmission). I have the U151E transmission. I've searched what I think is every post but they all assume you know which line is which, and I don't know which is which. Thank you. 2004 RX330 47K miles
  6. There's a Technical Service Bulletin (00105), NHTSA Item Number 10018267 that addresses those symptoms. The TSB Summary reads "Grinding/groaning noise from the moon roof when tilting or opening". I've applied silicone spray and silicone grease to every moving/sliding part I could get my fingers on to no avail. Has anyone had this TSB performed on their RX330? My out-of-warranty 2004 RX330 has the exact symptoms. Does anyone have the detailed TSB that they could post?
  7. Easy question to answer... The servomotor has an integral position feedback, a "potentiometer", variable resistor. With the connector disconnected from the servomotor/FB use a voltmeter to check if the servomotor drive voltage is still varying back and forth. If it is the problem is elsewhere, other wise the servomotor's internal position FB is questionable. If it is only the passenger side reheat/remix servomotor doing the "clicking" then other than the servomotor assembly itself the passenger side solar radiation sensor is "suspect", next on the list. Thanks for the prompt and informative response! Another piece of info I forgot to add is that the noise will stop after being on some apparently random amount of time (i.e. I haven't resolved what that amount of time may be associated with, which may point me to the radiation sensor?). Any hints on what wire does what in the cable feeding the servo? There are five feeding the device - white, blue, pink, purple, and red/orange (I'm guessing from memory at the moment). I don't have the LEXUS EWD pub but have the other 3 volumes. I'll hunt through them to see if there are wiring identifications. Solar radiation sensor? Sheesh. Any intell on that you can provide would be great, too. R, Wm
  8. When ignition key is on there is a noise coming from the area near the passenger footwell. The noise is like a mechanical cycling/clicking. I removed the small panel on the right side of the center console (2 each 1/4 turn fasteners) and the panel above the passenger footwell (disengage 3 each clips and disconnect power cable to LED illuminating the footwell). Upon peering into the right side of the center console (laying in the front passenger footwell area) I could see the white plastic mechanism trying to turn with the airmix damper servo subassy driving it. I disconnected the power to the servo and the operation stopped. How do I determine what is causing the servo to continue running? (1) Is it getting a bad signal, i.e. position sensor not achieving the commanded position so it keeps running? (2) Is the motor jammed/inoperable? (3) Is the mechanism on the heater box jammed/inoperable? (4) Other? Are there error codes that would lead me to the answer? If so what are the codes and how do I access them? I have an OBDII scan tool but in searching this board it appears there's a way to get the climate control display to provide codes. If that's right where can I find the instructions on how to do that and the codes? The servo is held to the heater box with 3 screws. The lower 2 are accessible, the 3rd is hidden behind an airduct that seems to be held in place with one bolt. Can I remove this bolt and hence that airduct to access the 3rd/hidden servo screw? Thanks, William 2004 RX330 20,500 miles (yes 20.5K miles) Build Date 10/03
  9. I own a 2001 and a 2004 Rx300 and 330... Do NOT buy a Lexus from a non Lexus Dealer…….. They are not in a position to take care of you like the dealer can… In particular with regard to warranty… The Lexus dealer can offer you a real Lexus warranty and that is the ONLY way to go… The price they are asking is HIGH --- you should be able to buy a like car with a Lexus warranty to 100,000 miles in the 27,000 range with tax, license, and DOC fees ( watch the doc fees it is PURE profit for the dealer and is negotiable) The cars that the Lexus dealer sells are the best of their trades as they do not want problems in the future… All the others are wholesaled to others… For this kind of money the car should look and drive like NEW --- Period… The dealer asking price is a long way from what they will take in the end… If they want 29,000 offer 25,000 including tax, etc… Car business is slow now you are in a strong position to make a good deal… The secret to winning is always remember you can walk away and shop another day or buy from another dealer… Take a hard look at the Toyota Highlander it is the same car and a good bit cheaper… I will get off my soap box now and good luck… Most of what I've seen at Lexus dealers are off-lease turn-ins. One we looked at was Certified Pre-Owned (CPO). Numerous paint chip repairs and the 2 of the left headlight brackets were broken in 2 and this was after going through their 161 point inspection. Truly disappointing. I'm quite certain the added 3yr up to 100,000 mile warranty would not have covered this broken headlight. Upon pointing it out they said oh yeah it's a broken clip and it's on order. They were more than happy to sell it to me without pointing that out. My take-away is regardless of where you buy it always remember "Buyer beware".