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  1. In my 2000 GS400 the No. 2 cylinder had a previous blown spark plug repaired by an insert. After several years this repair has recently blown out. There are kits on the market that can repair this type of issue by going to larger inserts. My question is .. What is the maximum diameter insert that can be retreaded into this car's head? Thanks for any information !! Peter
  2. My 2000 GS400 has a once per wheel rotation clunking sound coming from the front drivers side. I've changed the upper control arms, lower ball joints and lower caster arm. The tie rod looks good. The tires are new, balanced and aligned. The wheel bearings feel very smooth. There is no visible issues with the brake rotor and there is plenty of brake pad life left. The noise is more prevalent at low speeds (5 to 40 mph). The steering is very responsive and the car tracks smooth and straight. The noise occurs on smooth roads. Any thoughts?
  3. I need to replace the bulb in my passenger side 2000 GS400 Front Side Marker Light. Is there a simpler way to replace the bulb other than removing the inner fender? Thanks in advance.
  4. My 2000 GS400 has the ABS/VSC Off/VSC lights are illuminated on my dash. Several scans have all resulted in no codes. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  5. I keep getting the P1135 code. Have changed out the O2 Sensor twice and still get the code. The engine runs fine and there doesn't appear to be any loss in fuel MPG. Any ideas how to get this code to "go away"? Any way to defeat this code/make the computer ignore? Thanks for any insight !!
  6. I tested my A/C high and low side pressures this past weekend. With the outside temp around 75 degrees the high side was around 400 psi and the low side was around 52 psi. The compressor never cycled on/off, and the pressures were steady. These pressures seem to be excessive. What are the normal pressures?
  7. My 2001 ES300 went from running smoothly on the highway to cutting out every couple of minutes for a few seconds. The engine would run smmothly between "cut outs" and there were no accelleration issues. The "cut outs" would then happen at any speed. The Trouble Codes that showed up were: 1135, 1155, 1354, 1351. Any help in what to do would be appreciated.
  8. Hmmmm ....... I can find the yellow one, but not the red one !!
  9. Hmmmmm ........ Can't seem to find the Red one !!
  10. Need some help here !! I can't find the transmission fluid dipstick on my 2006 LS430. Is this a sealed unit? How do you check the fluid level? Thanks in advance for any guidance !!
  11. In changing out my '01 ES300's thermostat, I've run into a problem......... How do you make sure the replacement thermostat unit fits in the center of the housing? There doesn't seem to be any guides or machine areas that centers the thermostat in the horizonal housing of the engine. I just very loosley sits in the housing and can "fall" to the lower side. Am I missing a part or gasket or something ?!?!?!
  12. My '01 ES300 has 281,000 miles on it and going strong !!!
  13. My 2001 Lexus ES300 just turned over 275,000 miles. I decided it was time to change the original timing belt, water pump and power steering pump belt. All removed parts still looked great with no signs of imminent failure. I've "religiously" changed all fluids and amintanied theor recommended levels. Is this a great car or what ?!?!?!?! ;)
  14. Thanks for the reply, and for the great information. I thought you "nailed" the problem, but when I checked the vent -- it and the hoses were clean. Any more suggestions as to why the tank won't fill? Thanks in advance.
  15. I've recently started having problems at the gas pump with my 2001 ES300. At a lot of stations the gas pump's nozzle keeps kicking off as if the tank is full. It's like the gas won't go down into the tank and wants to back up the fill tube. Anybody experience this?
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