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  1. What cup holders? Do you mean the stupid insert spacer thing below the center armrest? Or the bottle holders in the fron door panels that hold nothing? Also looking for a place to put my iPhone... NOT on the passenger seat or dash... I agree with you on all of your points.
  2. I have had mine for about 1 month and have 1500 miles on it. I have averaged about 46 mpg so far (measured from pump gallons). What typre of gas do you use? Regular? Premium? Thanks!
  3. I've had that problem on both of my Lexus ('98 ES300 and '02 RX300) and the dealer replaced the blower motor on each. They tried to blame a clogged air filter, loose fittings, etc... but I have acute hearing and heard a high pitched squeal right at at the same tone as my tinnitus... I had to moan and groan a couple of times, but it worked and motors were replaced.
  4. I had a problem in my '98 ES300, now same thing is happening in my '02 RX300. The AC/Heater blower motor has a very annoying rattle (ball bearings) at low speed setting. I have very sensitive hearing (I'm a retired teacher!). It is a very slight sound, but enough for me to find an annoyance. The dealer cleaned out my filter and told me that would cure it. NOPE! He wouldn't replace the blower (he did on my '98... no more noise)... but I'm going back to insist he replace it... still under warranty but he says it won't be covered. I may go a different dealer to check it out. Anyone have this problem? Thanks for the help.