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  1. Can anyone comment on if the Voice Control command on the iPhone (or touch) can control the iPod player while the player is connected via USB? I can get the voice control to work when I'm streaming Bluetooth (i.e. "Play artist Madonna", but can't seem to get it to work when I have the player hooked up via USB. I'd rather use the USB connection, since the onscreen display shows song information (title, artist, album) this way than it does when you are streaming with BT. It's so much faster trying to find particular music using the iPhone's voice control functionality than scrolling throug
  2. Hey -- Sorry to glom on to your post with a question, but how did you get the remote start to work? My understanding is you press the "lock" button 3 times, while holding the last press for 3 seconds. It never works... Is there secret to the maneuver? Do your lights flash when you push the lock button? If no, something is wrong. Take it to the dealer. If they flash, sync your button pushing with the lights. Push lock, lights flash, push button, lights flash, push button and hold until the lights start flashing multiple times then release button. I think if you go too slow or too fast it wo
  3. Hey -- Sorry to glom on to your post with a question, but how did you get the remote start to work? My understanding is you press the "lock" button 3 times, while holding the last press for 3 seconds. It never works... Is there secret to the maneuver?
  4. It's hard to know since it's subjective, but I'm guessing the whine you notice is normal. I find it noticeable on my HS, but not particularly unpleasant. It may be that if the HS has more sound insulation than the Toyotas (which one would hope since it's a freakin' Lexus), the whine of the regenerative break system may be more noticeable since it's not competing with other forms of road/engine noise.
  5. Adding my two-cent's worth; [1] Move the power port and USB/Aux ports to the armrest. It's insane to have them out in the open like they are (let alone as ugly -- they look like they were lifted off of a riding lawn mower; they don't belong in a Lexus) [2] More wood inside. I love the design of the dash, but would like a little more wood befitting of a luxury car. [3] I'd like more info/customization to the head-up display. Would love to see the "economy" graphics up there. [4] The Nav system should have bird's eye/3D graphics. Lexus' system is looking very dated. [5] The front/wide-an
  6. I'm not sure what was going on this morning when I was getting music from my iPhone. When I try it now all of the playlist and artist information and show up on the navigation screen, however, I can't get any sound to come out and the on screen controls have no effect. It may have been that I was actually getting Bluetooth music streaming this morning, even though the on screen function was set to USB. I am sorry to have gotten your hopes up. It seems insane that the car won't work with the iPhone. The Bluetooth streaming, however, works pretty well. But I prefer using my iPod classic.
  7. I just tested my iPhone with the USB input at it works fine. There was some sort of warning message on the iPhone indicating this accessory you may not be fully functional, however, it did not appear to actually have any impact on the ability to control the phone through the car. If it is not working at all for you, I might suggest trying a different USB iPod cable.
  8. I had a (vaguely) similar problem with my GS (with an aftermarket iPod connection). Here's what I would try (if you haven't already done so). Resync your phone/ipod with iTunes, but only select a handful of songs to sync. If that works, then start creating playlists. I use "smart playlists" for things like Artist and Genre. Create a few playlists (with a bunch of songs in them), and then sync those. I suspect this is the issue. The iPod interfaces seem to do better with having things broken up into play lists, rather than in one giant library.
  9. I was trying to find a reference article somewhere for this, but I believe the battery circuitry is designed such that the battery (based on what the indicator shows) is never supposed to get up to 100%. I'm 99% sure this is correct, but can't find supporting info right now...
  10. Does anyone know why, despite it being described as an available option in all of Lexus' online information, the Mark Levinson stereo system is not available in the US? (I'm specifically interested in the 2010 HS 250h). I tried "building my Lexus" at and in doing so I found that the Mark Levinson stereo upgrade doesn't show up as an available option. I emailed Lexus and I got back a response about how they do "market research" to determine what option packages will be popular. I'm just sort of baffled why, on a nearly $50,000 automobile that has every techno-gizmo in the worl
  11. I'm on the verge of getting a 2010 HS 250h but Lexus' lawyers' insistance on limiting functionality of the infotainment system while in motion remains a sticking point for me. I have full access to these things with my current car (Audi A4) so losing that functionality would feel like a set back. I came across this permanent solution to the issue. Curious if anyone has any experience with this (in the HS or other car): I think the company needs a better name, but I digress. if this is a viable solution, it might just push me unto a p
  12. Are there any actual owners of the HS 250h out there? If so, I'm curious what your real-world mileage has been?
  13. I went for a HS test drive today. Really liked the car. And got a chance to play with the iPod interface a bit. I found that you can, fortunately, rapidly scroll through lists by clicking on the "page down" arrow and holding down the left "mouse" button. The screen then goes mostly blank and the number of album (or artist or song) is displayed, over the total number in that category. This then rapidly advances and you can sort of guess where to stop. For example in artists, 11/549 is displayed, meaning you are at the 11th artist out of a total of 549. So, if you are looking for Madon
  14. For what it's worth, I send this email to Lexus: (with their response below): Q: I recently test drove the HS 250h and was certain I was going to make a purchase - until I experienced the iPod integration. While the remote touch controller was excellent, the inability to scroll through lists of artists, albums, etc by more than one screen at a time was very frustrating. To select an artist toward the end of the alphabet would take nearly 5 minutes of one-screen-at-a-time scrolling. Moreover, with each screen, the current song playing is interrupted b
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