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  1. Toby, are you getting rid of your 18's? i wanted to upgrade to factory 18's from m 16's. wanna trade?
  2. dcfish took care of me. were these amps covered under warranty?
  3. i get the same clunk if i'm cruising and let off the gas and get back on it quick. feels like excessive play in the driveline.
  4. yep. Apparently the 2001 Mark Levinson amps were defective. Mine started going bad when the weather got really cold. I replaced it last week with a new amp from a 2002 system. Everything seems fine now. luckily none of the speakers blew considering how bad it was popping. definitely sounded like the speakers were gonna blow up or burn!
  5. 2001 LX470 with Mark Levinson audio system. speakers started to pop and buzz erratically, almost to the point where you thought it was gonna explode or catch on fire. Amp finally gave out and had to be replaced with an '02 amp. Found out, this was an issue on 2001 LX470 ML systems.
  6. lately I have been getting the same symptoms as you. today, my wife said the sound just quit working. i'm assuming the amp went out as well. still have that amp for sale?
  7. started up the truck this motor only to be greeted with a loud popping and crackling noise coming from the speakers. i cant pinpoint exactly which speakers but it sounds like its all around me. I have the ML system. Even if i turn off the radio it will still do it then eventually go away. its really loud and annoying. my wife was startled thi smorning and called me in a panic. anyone know whats going on? is the amp going bad?
  8. 2001 lx470 - just got an error code the other day - P0506 Idle Control System RPM Lower Than Expected. anyone experience this? a few weeks ago the truck died on me while sitting at a stop light. i didnt even notice the truck shutoff until i tried to gas it. hasnt done it since then but now i got the error code.