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  1. Hey I have an 02 lx470. When I let off the brake and start to accelerate there is a little clunkin the driveline. I went underneath and inspected everything and all seems well. I took it to the dealer and when I explained the problem , without even inspecting the car they said that it was "Built in driveline play, It is suposed to be there, and it has done that since new and I am just not in tune with my car". Now I have been a mechanic for a long time and am pretty damn sure that there was no clunk a month ago. The dealer is just stupid. What I am wondering is if any of you have experienced the same problem? I am willing to accept that it is driveline play but dont tell me it has done that since new. Freakin dealers
  2. Hey guys I have an 02 lx470 and the lumbar support is not working. When I push the button nothing happens. If anyone has had experience with this I would appreciate your help. Thanks
  3. I just experienced the same problem. The dealer said that I need a new nav ecu. I put a post to see if anyone experienced the same prob. So far you are the only person. I got a price for a new unit it is 895. I am going to tear it down tonight to see if I can locate the problem.
  4. Hey guys new here and boy do I have a problem. It looks like the DVD drive in my nav computer has gone dead. It is not reading the disk and says that a disk is not inserted. The disk is a few months old so it is not the disk. Is there any other possibility than a bad drive? Is there any good places to get those used? Can the drive just be replaced or do I have to replace the whole stupid thing? Thanks any help would be appreciated. Brendan