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  1. whats the best strut bar to get for the 1995 ES3? i know there could possibly be an issue with hood clearance(strut bar scarping the underside of the hood) and i want to make sure i dont have a problem with this.
  2. alright, sounds like i should give that meguiars stuff a try. thanks for the suggestion
  3. has anybody tried clearing up their headlights, specifically in a 95 es300, with fingernail polish remover. I have nasty discoloration on the clear, plastic housing and want to get rid of it. I read in SCC that acetone takes care of it. Anybody know about the dangers or benefits?
  4. I'm excited man, but at the same time, i know i'm gonna be jealous once we see the dyno results.....can't wait to see the results of this turbo venture. lol
  5. im guessing it is the belt and i was hopin it would be an easy fix but oh well. its not too bad. thanks for all of the suggestions. i'm gunna try a couple things first and i'll keep ya posted.
  6. most everytime i rev my engine in neutral, i hear a squeek comin from under the hood and it sounds like maybe a belt is slipping. Anybdoy have a clue what im talkin about or what to do?
  7. What do you mean extend the piping to the stock opening? what i really want to do is to find a way to enclose the filter unit itself in an air-tight box like stock but then connect a hose to it which leads outside of the engine bay. I installed the filter today and i definitely hear a difference and am still debating whether i like it or not. As far as performance, when everything is cool in the engine bay, i def. feel a difference but once it heats up, the filter itself becomes warm as well as the piping a little bit. Anyone have any suggestions on how to enclose the filter?
  8. haha oh me man...ima find a way to make it ram air and it'll be better than the stock airbox ram air mod . just need to find something to enclose the big-!Removed! filter in <_<
  9. alright good stuff..... if i put on the K&N cone filter in place of the intake box, is there any way that anybody can think of to attach a ram air hose to it? I really would like to do this mod but i also dont want to just put the intake i bought to waste.
  10. I just recently bought a short ram intake for my 95 ES3. Its basically the stock intake with a small aluminum tube with a hose sprouting off and a K&N intake. The hose coming off the aluminum tube is supposed to hook up to an area right around the center of the engine on the right. Does anybody know what this is what it is delivering air to? I know its hard to explain but in one picture i saw, the hose was not connected but instead a mini air filter was in its place. Anybody have any idea what im talking about? <_<
  11. Wow, good &#33;Removed&#33; story....we all know the ES is slow.....and possible far future mods???? k its re-upholstery and do u actually think ur gunna supercharge or even better, turbocharge your car? sorry chief but its not gunna happen. Best of luck though
  12. The link i included provides a little less detailed steps but decent pictures.....should be a good helper for anybody considering clearin the corners
  13. Alright well i will go through the steps that i went through, maybe that will help although i do not remember any brass rings...perhaps the difference involves change in year models....? -anyway.... 1. take headlight out of the car and disconnect all bulbs and remove them(including blinker) and remove the clips found around the edge where the two parts of the headlights meet. they simply pop off and are not much trouble at all. HEATING PROCESS - CRUCIAL PART 2. The headlight must go in the oven in order to heat up and partially liquify the black silicone type glue that holds the two parts
  14. Hey all, cleared one of the headlights on my es3 and left the other stock(reason being i had condensation in the right headlight and wanted to clear the amber out anyways....and because the process is so long) the difference between the right and the left h\l's is insane. i will get to clearing the left side next weekend...i'll post some pics in the gallery
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