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  1. The brake pedal is spongy. I would like to replace the rotors and the pads with quality parts. I had the brake fluids flushed last year when I first had it checked out. Any suggestions?
  2. thanks bob i edited the post to give more information
  3. I'm looking to replace the entire brake system. I know it is a heavy car and made for luxury but I want more of an abrupt stop. My car seems to gradually but slowly stop. This causes me to hit the brakes early. Any suggestions would be great.
  4. I recently had my starter and timing belt replaced for my 1996 LS400. When I picked up the car and turned on the heat nothing but cold air blew out. I don't want to bring it back to the same dealer because of a "lost" cell phone. Does anyone have any answers about the problem?
  5. The light above the rear view mirror was left on. I knew this would drain the energy from my battery. The next morning I got a jump start from my Dad. Then went to an big chain automotive shop and had it recharged. Everything was fine until the day I got fired from my job. (3 weeks later) I walked outside on my last day and the car would not start. I asked someone for a jump but the replied "they did not have it" (jumper cables) in their car. I walked back to my car and it started. The next day I woke up and thought let me see if the car starts. It did not. So I got another jump start from my Dad and drove the car around for more than an hour. When I got home my mom asked me for a ride. The car did not start again.
  6. I have a 1996 LS400. I'm planning to learn and repair my car. When asking knowledgeable people about the car; these were their suggestions/Recommendations/Opinions. 1. www.chilton.engage.com 2. Repair Manuals 3. Get a free diagnosis from a mechanic 4. Don't bring it to the dealership 5. Find a hustle man that can fix your car (after, recommendation 3) What recommendations do you have?
  7. So I left one of the lights on in my car. I turned it off and tried to start my car. At first no luck .... then on the second try the car started. I know my battery charge is low. Should I bur a battery car charger? Can I go to my local automotive store? Should I run the car for 10-20 minutes? Your feedback would be great.
  8. I know this may seem simple but I've had many suggestions (actually 2) about the correct engine oil for my 1996 LS400. First I was told to use a synthetic blend of oil 5w30 (<< I think that was the grade). Then I was told to use 10w30. Can someone steer me in the right direction, (JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL) lol.
  9. I only paid the inspection fee. No work was done to the car. The list of work was just a quote. I took it to the Lexus dealership and they did a thourough inspection.
  10. I did not know the prices were so absurd. I was inspected by a place in New Haven, CT called East Rock Auto. After I paid and got my car back I notice the car had a rattling sound on the left side. I'm not driving the car until I bring it to the Lexus Dealership.
  11. I have a 1996 LS400. It has been driven 157,000 miles. When it was inspected the recommendations were to replace the lower left ball joint (340$), flush transmission, power steering, brake, coolant (570$) replace cabin, fuel, air filter (272$) Full tune up (Spark plugs, wires, cap, rotors- 870$). Are these prices fair? I would love to see your opinions, knowledge, and feedback.
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