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  1. Hi All, All has been running well in the Lex until recently. While on a trip, I found the "mode" changing from FM to AC to AM on occasion. It would reset after I turned the car off. A week later, it would randomly spit out all 6 of my CD's (without hitting the button). This week, the radio does not turn on at all. The Nav screen works just fine, just cannot get to any radio/cd/ac functions at all. Any ideas? Thanks, Nick
  2. Had to dodge in and out of weather in order to try it out, but finally did. The cool news is that on the GS, the doors are huge with really no break line, so I tried to do the entire door without breaking it up. Good news, I was able to! Americana is certainly a lot less finicky than P21S Concours, and I say it glides on about the same as Souveran. It certainly is not as oily, and that is really aparant when taking it off. The smell of Americana is absolutely intoxicating...awesome scent. My nose was in the container at every swipe. It ended up sprinkling lightly that night, and the beading pattern was tighter than that of Souveran. Not quite sure if that means a whole lot, but I figured the question would be asked sometime soon. The applicator worked very well. It actually stores in the container (didn't get a picture of it). The white towel that came with it was awesome! The two sides make well to remove with one side, then a final spray down on the other. I can certainly see this as being a substitute for Souveran. Lower price, stellar results, ease of use.
  3. UPDATE 5.12.09 with some new prices PRODUCT: AMOUNT: PRICE NEW: MY PRICE: -Meguiars #84 Compound Power Cleaner 80% Full $23.99 New $14 -Meguiars #83 Dual Action Cleaner Polish 40% Full $23.99 New $10 -Meguiars #2 Fine Cut Cleaner 50% Full $12.99 New $6 -Meguiars #9 Swirl Remover 2.0 85% Full $12.99 New $7 -Meguiars #7 Show Car Glaze 40% Full $12.99 New $5 -Meguiars Gold Class NEW $15.99 New $10 -Hi-Temp Paint Perfection Gallon 60% Full $29.95 $16 -Hi-Temp Medium Power Cut Leveler Quart 15% Full $14.95 $3 -Hi -Temp Medium Power Cut Leveler Quart NEW $14.95 $10 -Hi -Temp Medium Power Cut Leveler 8oz FULL $8.95 $6 -Hi-Temp Light Power Cut Leveler Quart 70% Full $13.95 $8 -Hi-Temp Light Power Cut Leveler 8oz Full SOLD -Optimum Protectant Plus (new formula) 75% Full $35.99 $24 -Wax Blaster Wax Remover 80% Full $5.99 $4 -3M Perfect-It II Rubbing Compound Fine Cut 80% Full $14.99 $8 -Wolfgang Instant Detail Spritz NEW $19.99 $ 13 -Meguiars Gold Class NEW $15.99 $9 -Sprayway Rubberized Under Coating Spray x2 NEW $6.99 $6 each -Sprayway Glass Cleaner x2 New $4 $3 each -Stoner Bead Max Premium NEW $9.99 $6 -Stoner Speed Bead Quick Wax 70% $9.99 $4 -Stoner Trim Shine FULL $5.99 $5 -Poorboys EX-P Gallon 20% Full $60 SOLD -Poorboys EX-P 16oz NEW $18 -Poorboys QD+ (2nd generation) NEW $13 -Poorboys Polish w/Carnuaba 12oz 50% Full $15 -Aquapel Glass Treatment NEW $8 $5 (Not Pictured, Reduced!) -Mullet Wax Awesome Car Polish 32oz 40% Full $22.99 $9 -Auto Polish Auto Luster Teflon Aerosol Wax NEW $10 $5 -RainX 50% Full $8 $4 -Simply Z Best Car Wax 30% Full $18 $6 VELCRO Random Orbital (RO) and Rotary PADS: -Buff and Shine RO Yellow Medium Polishing Pad x2 NEW $10 $7 each -Buff and Shine RO White Finishing Pad NEW $10 $7 -Buff and Shine RO Black Waxing Pad NEW $10 $7 -Meguiars RO White Finishing Pad NEW $13 $9 -Buff and Shine Rotary Yellow Polishing Pad NEW $15 $11 -Buff and Shine Rotary White Finishing Pad NEW $15 $11 -3 EdgeLightly used pads (cleaned) (Green polishing, 2 white finishing) Used three times $30 $12 for all -1 Meguiars Heavy polishing pad Used twice $13 $5
  4. I think I'm going to add this to the arsonel with the PC and Makita Rotary. I may even put the Edge 2k adaptor on it since I still have 10 new pads for the PC. I've read too many good things about it to ignore! Nick
  5. I personally like the Adam's Polishes line of cleaner and conditioner because they are water-based and has SPF 65 in it. Another good one is the Leatherique combo.
  6. I'm not sure of the dash on your particular model, but as long as there is a water-based protectant on there, you'll be fine, but see below. The products mentioned are mostly only available online. However, Adam's is a So-Cal based company with a bunch of distributors around you. Website is www.adamspolishes.com. I know for sure that the Adam's line contains special leather ingredients (not lanolin) which makes it different from his VRT. The SPF rating in their Leather Conditioner is SPF 65, and in his VRT is 40. In his video, he opts to put Leather Conditioner on the dash because of the extra protection and it has a bit less sheen. It's dries immediately, so when you do use it on your seats, it doesn't just rub off on your clothes. I found 303 to do that unfortunately. www.autogeek.com has a ton of stuff available as well, and are based in FL. You can find 303 & Optimum on there. Another one is Poorboy's Natural Look. www.poorboysworld.com
  7. From a protection standpoint, I would definitely recommend something that is water-based (not oily, shiny) and also has SPF into it. Not many products do not have the later of the two requests. Adam's Polishes VRT and Leather conditioner work really well. 303 Aerospace is in a pure liquid spray format, much like Optimum's Protectant Plus. All mentioned have differing levels of SPF.
  8. Good to know SW03ES. I really liked picking up the Meg's NXT Soap from Walmart for $5 when they had that around specifically for that reason. I then picked up a gallon of the new formula of Optimum Wash, and that performs well in the gun. It's a little runnier of a consistancy, so you don't put much water in it at all. Then again, the gun is so fun to use that the OW isn't really price effective.
  9. The complete Adam's Polishes kit was sold this weekend. Who else wants some!?
  10. You got it. Just make sure to use a bit of detail spray/clay lube when claying. The Poorboys stuff was made to be used by hand or machine. You'll get better cleaning results if used with a buffer, but it's not necessary. As for the EX-P, I personally like to apply my sealants/waxes by hand.
  11. You got it man! You'll enjoy it for sure. Try to find some microfiber applicators. EX-P works best for me when applying with MF's. Comes off SOOOOO easy.
  12. You've got a great wife! Call and cancel it or change it. Steve (aka Poorboy) is a great guy. Their Spray and Wipe is a great waterless wash. Their Leather conditioner is great as well, and Bold n' Bright looks awesome on the tires and doesn't sling! Here's his number: 845-215-9700
  13. What kind of cleaner do you suggest? And do you have any in stock? Also, for the polymer (Poorboy's EX-P) and cleaner (if you have it), what would you want for those (the whole lot of 16oz and partial gallons)? Lastly, will any clay bar work, or is there a heirarchy there also? If you want to go with Poorboy's, their Polish with carnuaba is a great cleaner and base for Poorboy's EX-P. It too, like all of his products, are easy to use. From there, you maintain with his QD+. I'll give you both the 16oz and the remainder of the gallon, with the polish and spray for $54 shipped/insured via UPS. As for clay, you would be fine with just a mild grade that you can pick up from you local auto parts store. Due to the copyright, there is only 1 manufacture who can sell to the states right now :( If you want, I can take Paypal, and won't charge you for the fee incurred. I work on a computer all day now, so can communicate with you in realtime to answer any additional questions. Thanks, Nick
  14. Hey there, Yes I do! I've done the SEMA show before, and have detailed several times in the hot summers of Vegas using the Adam's products. Adam's Butter Wax was designed to be used in the sun. It's a carnuaba/polymer blend, so you get great protection and warm relectivity/shine. If you went with just an off the wall carnuaba base, it would melt right off. This stuff will get you some decent durability, great shine, and easy results. I have either a full 12oz bottle or the remainder of a 1/2 gallon I purchased, but would just prefer to sell you both at a deal. If you want a pure polymer (more protection, clearer reflectivity), go with Poorboy's EX-P. This works well especially for lighter colored cars (Silver, white), and again is very easy to use, even in the sun. Again, I have a full 16oz bottle and the remaider of a gallon that I purchased, but it wouldn't be much just to get both. Having a 2006, you may consider doing a paint cleaner prior to remove any physical/chemical contaminations that are on the surface after washing. This, in conjunction with a claybar to remove the physical contaminants (which I don't have), will allow you to get optimum results from any protection you put on the surface. I know exactly what you're talking about on the F150 plastic. It's a pain! You can try a solvent and a toothbrush, or something like Goo-Gone. It's best to keep it all protected afterwards though. Something with SPF in it works wonders. Adam's VRT or Optimum's Protectant Plus work nicely. Neither are silicone based or greasy. Let me know if there is anything else I can help you out with! Nick
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