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  1. :D well-I took my ES300 to get its waterpump and timing belt and thermostat all taken care of. It ended up costing about 530.00-not too bad...I called around to a few places and everyone wanted $650-750.00 so I feel reliefed to have saved some money -and still have an awesome job done with the car!
  2. :o Im fixin' to get my '93 ES300 water pump and timing belt replaced-sooo tomorrow I have to get a few qoutes------ hey to all the es300 drivers in TEXAS! B)
  3. This unit says it will fit a 94-96, I guess my 93 cant make the cut-but they look similar!! grrrrrr
  4. Does anyone know if you can replace a ac climate control unit display FROM a '96 ES300 to a '93 ES300? They appear to look like a perfect fit-but im not really sure !?!?
  5. <_< those Lexus guys said the same thing-that the lights could not be replaced and a new screen would be needed. I found that pretty amazing that you couldnt change a light! The clock light in my 93 es300 also has been burnt out-sooo it would be interesting to know the truth-one would think you could change the light out-but as Lexus told me: "welcome to the Lexus"
  6. I was told that in the Lexus-should the timing belt be thrown that it would not cause any damage to the engine. This had happen with my former Honda Accord, but it did mess up half the engine. Thats why it was a relief to hear Lexus had been designed like that-or soooo I was told-anyone heard differently?
  7. I was in traffic today and the car started over-heating -I turned off the ac and let it cool down in a parking lot then drove it back home to "rest". I notice that the car is leaving small amounts of oil/green like fluids. All levels are up to par and the oil is filled up. ANyone have any ideas??? :(
  8. the needles suck and you would think it would be something minor but damn it cost some money to fix! I guess Lexus was just testin things out during the '92 and '93 versions. :chairshot:
  9. um, hey i was just wonderin' :whistles: how do ya post a pic of your car on here so it appears whenever you post?
  10. :D Hey Guys-I just bought a black '93 Es300 on ebay recently and love it! Before the Es300 I was a Honda man-great cars-and I have faith in these Japanesse automobiles. I miss my Accord-but embrace my Lexus-such a sweet ride-and turns out this is the best group of riders----zoom zoom!!!!
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