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  1. Hey, I also saw earlier in this thread you were looking for an owner's manual. If you go to, you can get them sent to you for free. I got one for my 1996 ES 300 just a week ago and it was brand new and FREE! ;)
  2. I use Domestic Auto in Clyde, NC which is just outside Asheville. About 10 min away. But there is a place I have done Toyota business with also called Mostly Toyotas and it is in Asheville too. And the Toyota Dealer does excellent maintenance but expensive for repairs. If you need anymore info, let me know.
  3. It ran about $500 for labor, gaskets,and everything. I think it will be about $800-1000 for the valve seals because the heads have to be removed. I still believe it will fix mine and save the cost of a new engine. I live in Asheville and the nearest Lexus dealership is Greenville, SC and they are expensive. I have used a local mechanic that is a friend of mine and very good. But he still doesn't cut me that good of a break. But some is better than nothing.
  4. Hi. I am located in North Carolina also. What part are you from. I recently purchased a '96 ES300 and mine is doing the same thing. I had the valve covers and oil pan removed and cleaned as good as possible. It helped some but still does it some. Not as bad. I next will be having new valve stem seals replaced and try that. I too am trying not to have a new engine put in. I have changed the oil a couple of times already and used some additives and this helps alot. Let me know if you find anything else that works. Thanks
  5. OK I finally had a chance to take out the instrument cluster. I removed the rear panel and then the board. I removed the bulbs that were not working and found that they were not 194 bulbs. I took one of the bulbs to all of the local parts stores, and had no luck finding one. We tried the 24 bulbs and it would not stay in the connector, very loose. The bulb can be removed from the socket, but still no luck finding a bulb and/or one with a socket included. There is not a local lexus dealer,and the nearest one is an hour and half away. They want almost 5bucks per bulb. Does anyone know what numb
  6. Hi. Has anyone had to replace the illumination lights in the gauge cluster. It looks like there are two. One side lights up nice, and the other is dark but still readable if you look hard. The needles are all lighting up good. Is this common? Is it expensive? I haven't taken the dash apart to see, and was asking for info from others before I attempted it. Thanks
  7. Yes I have flushed with an additive and am now going through a couple of oil changes. I bought the car knowing it had a problem cause it was cheap. I buy some wholesale cars here from the lot and fix them and sell them. I hoped that I could fix it and drive it a while. We will see. Thanks for the input!
  8. Thanks alot guys. It is from neglect. I wish I could tell the previous owner a thing or two. It is a shame that someone would take care of a car that way. I have changed the oil again and am driving for a few more hundred miles. Then, it goes back to the mechanic to check it out again and check the valves, replace the timing belt and tune it up. After that and a few more oil changes, if it gets worse or no improvment, I will sell it. It already doesn't smoke as bad this time after the oil change, so I am keeping my fingers crossed. :(
  9. Hi. I am new to the forum and to the Lexus brand. I have had Toyotas' in the past though. I have just purchased a '96 ES 300 and it started smoking when started. I had a mechanic check it out after researching online, and we confirmed it has severe sludge. He pulled the valve covers and oil pan and cleaned as much as he could and it did fine for a day or so. Now it smokes a little again but not as bad. In my research I was told if it was not knocking, it could be cleaned so that it what I had done. I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and if there was a fix without an overha
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