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  1. I also use a Tekonsha. The easiest way to install the brake controller is to buy a new fuse box cover and mount it on the cover. It works perfectly and I can unplug the controller and store it in the back between uses. I then just put on the original fuse box cover.
  2. I tried it in the lower position once. It is doable by adjusting the sensors. I found that if the car is not set for basically level, the suspension will bottom out too easily. If you think the car is running with the rear end higher than level, see your dealer. The adjustment isn't too hard to do.
  3. Does anyone else experience this? Could it just be a problem with my car?
  4. On my 2005 GX, the Bluetooth microphone makes voices sound weak and far away. This makes it difficult for the speaker to be understood. My Corvette's hands-free is clear as a bell. Is this problem unique to the older GX's? Is there any kind of fix?
  5. You will not be able to transfer from a Blackberry. Blackberry's are blocked from doing this due to all their sales to the US government. The government had them block this feature and they then just did it to all units. I use my wife's Motorola to input the numbers.
  6. I tow a 5500 lb travel trailer with a 2005 GX470. I think it does a very good job compared to my 2000 Yukon. I get an average of 10 mpg and have reasonable acceleration under load. The back-up camera is great for hitching up!!
  7. Which brand tires do you each have. Interesting to see if there is a parallel here. I don't have this very bad and only started when my tires reached about 15,000 miles. I have Michelins.
  8. Ash Blue Mica. Easy to keep clean and not commonly found on other vehicles. Goes great with charcoal interior.
  9. Why bother to trace the wire to the radio. Why not just cut it at the parking brake and ground the radio end there? Do you remember the wire color code and/or location on the paking brake?
  10. I thought this would be more of a problem than it is. I put some pipe insulation on the jack housing just to make sure I didn't hurt the door. It turned out that I really don't need to open the door beyond the first stop very often. If I do, I just plan ahead and turn the car to the right in relation to the trailer. I haven't hit the jack housing yet. We also tow two different autoloader trailer without a problem. One weights about 6000 lbs with a 57 Chevy on board.
  11. What is the K&N part number for the GX470. I also have used K&N on my performance cars with good results.
  12. I also have had good results with the TSB on my 2005. The ride and handling also seems to be tighted up a bit which is a good thing. The rear ride height is adjustable although it needs a measurement tool from the dealer. Just make it clear to the dealer that you want to make sure he maintains the stock height.
  13. Check the bolts that hold on the front skid plate. The plate has to be removed to change the oil filter and it may have not been tightened properly.
  14. Sure, Here's my list: 05 Gx470 - Lexi 00 Covette - Maggy (Magnetic red color) 72 Chevelle Convt. - Shellie 69 Camaro - Yellow Fellow (color) 69 Camaro - Pacer (pace car) 65 Corvette - Summer (license is Summer -XX, Year I graduated from HS) 63 Avanti - Stude 57 Chevy - Blacky (Color) 57 Chevy - Lady (Short for grand old lady)