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  1. I fully agree. When I went to hit the brakes and they sank to the floor, I about had a heart attack!
  2. Mine gets stuck alot too. It will try to go down when I turn off the radio or the car, but it is stuck in the up position. If I twist it while it is trying to go down, then it will stop. I am just dealing with it till I can get it replaced, that was the only thing I could think of the fix it.
  3. Yes, I'm sure they would rate you on your race, if they didnt think there would be a huge stink about it! But I did forget one very BIG rating factor. CREDIT. Bad credit=higher rates. Good credit, good rates. What most people dont know is that you do not have to give Geico your social security #. You can tell them you dont want them to check your credit. And be careful, they are sneaky--even if you dont give your SSN, they will still run your credit based on your name and home address. So be sure to tell them that you dont want your credit checked. Unless of course you have A+ credit,
  4. Sorry you feel that way. But my opinion is that sometimes you gotta do whatcha gotta do. If you dont feel comfortable with it, that's fine. Unethical? I never said I was a good girl..... I just never understood it when a person with a high school education, a manual labor job position, and a perfect driving history would pay higher premiums than say an accountant who's had 2 at fault accidents and even a ticket or two. Doesnt make sense to me. What will they think of next? Rating by statistics of a person's race? I do, however, appreciate your opinion.
  5. I was an insurance agent for Geico for a while, and I did alot of underwriting, so I know what they base their rates on. Frankly, I dont think its fair how they pick and choose who to give the best rates to, so I dont mind sharing my insider knowledge with anyone. Various things are going to affect your rate. There are some things you cant change; your vehicle type, your age, your driving history, etc. But here are some things that CAN help ya. To get the best rates, you'll need a good education. So if you dont have a Bachelor's degree or higher, you wont get preferred rates. (I recomm
  6. Mine's a flickerin' too! But just a little, and only on the speedometer. But I'll live with it rather than part with a grand!
  7. Ok, that sounds pretty positive. :) Hopefully he can get it in and outta the shop in a day. I'd hate to be without my car for an entire day though! AHH!
  8. The ECT is near your shifter handle thingy-ma-bob. Its a little button you can push to turn it off and on. My neighbor (holy firestone mechanic ) said it would wear on the tranny, so I have never used it. Is it just more power or what? My 93 has just over 150k and has never had the timing belt changed. It came with all of the service records and I didnt see anything for a timing belt, so I dunno...
  9. I've only had the car a few months and I dont know when the brakes were last changed. But I am positive there is a leak somewhere, because yesterday it happened again....Brake light came on, brakes went to the floor, had to fill it up with fluid yet AGAIN! Ao that is definitely it. I am taking it to a friend who has a shop in town. Hopefully it wont cost me an arm and a leg to fix...right? Please tell me I wont have to re-mortgage the house!!
  10. My red BRAKE light in the dash has been lit off and on this past week. I've added brake fluid. That kept it off for a day. Then it will be back on again. The brakes go all the way to the floor when this light is on. Also, my cruise wont work while it is on, safety feature maybe? Any ideas as to what is wrong? Brake booster was one theory, any others?
  11. Actual cash value minus depreciation. You'd probably end up getting screwed if your car is financed. This is coming from a prior property & casualty insurance agent. ;)
  12. I am a nurse, a chef, a maid, an accountant, a psychologist, a teacher, and I have many many other odd jobs. I'm a stay at home Mama to a Kindergartener, a First Grader and a soon to be 3 year old. And a wifey to "Super Man". Well, almost superman anyway! Beat That!!
  13. And what's a branded title?? I've never heard of that.
  14. Ok, so it is probably not me that is the problem? Phew! But now I have to fork out a few hundred? :whistles: I can get the ecu thing and new keys off eBay can't I? Hope so.... And now today, my radiator cracked, so here goes even more $$. Oh well, it's still worth it to drive such a beautiful car. :) Thanks for the help! Greatly appreciated! :) *~Mama~*
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