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  1. Where and what is the ECT ^_^? How do I trun it on? You guys have me worried about the transmission... I know all the owners changed the oil on it (I know both of them) and bring it in for more than scheduled maintenance. Is there anything I can have checked over other than checking the ECT to see if it's ok? Thanks!
  2. Oh also you mentioned trying out the ECT mode... what is that and how do I do it? I'll have Lexus look it over anyway.
  3. Oh BTW isthere somewhere I can get listings of the Lexus dealerships in Ohio? I'm in Akron so cleveland would even be a little far for me to go, and the one here sucks. Thanks,
  4. Thanks for the adivce... the guy has had it since 75k and he never replaced t so if it wasn't done before 75k then I will get it done. I don't want anything to ge worse and that would be 50k over the reccomendation (just goes to show reccomendation = more $$$ for Lexus). Now as for the rust on the car, the spot is about 1.5 inches long, and is a little bit under the chrome above the window, but the entire area is still black, it's just bubbly. How much do you guys think thats going to cost me? We have a body shop I'm going to get an estimate from we trust. I talked to someone who got the dash needles replaced _by_ Lexus for $120. Has anyone heard of Lexus doing that? Money bags told me I needed a new cluster at $800 and labor :chairshot: . I talked to the guy today and he said he had some little rubber things he hadto mount on the muffler to stop it from vibrating (I didn't feel anything though when I drover it). H said he thought he could do it but the muffler had to come out to do it. Anyone know what he's talkign about and if Lexus is gunna have to do it? I think I should get one of thos repair manuals on cd then I could do it myself or have someone else do it with manual. Good thing the cars priced so low otherwise I couldn't afford all this ^^;;
  5. I am ahving the same problem on the car I'm going to buy... when I get it I'm going to open it up and wire some little cold cthode neons (those 1 inch long ones), someone else on the forum did it I think, but I lost the link to it. If anyone has any ideas or advice, please do share it ^_^.
  6. Yeah, thats why I figure I should replace it. As for the tranny, should I really be worried about it? The car seems to run fine.
  7. Has anyone else experienced that, is it normal for the transmission t odie out around 150k? Thee poeple at the Lexus dealership saidthe timing belt should be replaced now so it doesn't break later... what would be some signs of it needing replaced? Thanks!
  8. I am looking into buying a 93 Lexus es300. I like it allot ^_^. There is some rust above the window but it is light and only a small patch. The only other problems are the antennae (no biggy) and the dash. The dashboard lights are kind of dying (see other post) but it doesn't seem to _need_ fixed, and I would be able to do that myself easily as I wired a bunch of neons into a friends t-bird for him and it wasn't hard. I found a site that is taking pre-orders fo a kit to do with some kind of cathode neons it for $450 so that's always an option as well and that would look nice. My only other concern is the timing belt. It it over 150,000 miles, and the owner has had it since 75k. He never heard of a timing belt ;-p. Do you guys think it will need a new one? What's it going to run me? Also, should I get it checked out at a toyota or lexus dealership? Where should I get the work done (that I can't do myself ^^)? I have a mechanic I trust but he only does German autobahn cars... He's asking $4500 for it and the blue book value I get on it is $5315. I love the car ;). I have been looking for one for awhile now... I would opt for a 94 but I think I should go with this one and keep the money for repairs in the next year. Any suggestions? Thanks! Great forum here.
  9. I just checked some older posts and the led's just seem to burn out on these, and it's $450 to get cathode's put in. Actually I have a car for sale for $4100 and about $100 saved up, and a laptop I cuold sell for $2,000. Problem is I can't find anything under $14,000 for sale around here. So does anyone know if that dash is going to be a problem? I need to know moe about the timing belt too. Thanks for the input ^_^.
  10. Ouch... I am looking at a nice 93 lexus es300, but I noticed the guages had very dim light and were kind of burn't out in the middle... would this need a new cluster or just new lights? They are asking $4500 for it and it has a bit of rust above the door (about $300 to fix, I got an estimate), about 150k on it. I don't know if I should get it anymore... my dad's telling me the timing belt would need replaced and that would be $500 or more according to my Lexus dealership (haven't checked with toyota or a mechanic yet). The guy has had it since 75k and he never replaced the belt or heard of it at all ^_^. The book on it is $5315. I love the car though and I am definitly going to wait for another one if I don't go with this one. Any advice apperciated, thanks, and love the forum!!