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  1. Picture from the Prado link
  2. If you need the car now, then I wouldn't wait for the GX redesign. If you are desperately in need of the newer features/technology, then perhaps you should check out the 2008 Highlander.
  3. 1st time driver during icy conditions looking for advice. I bought my GX in '04 in SoCal but recently moved up to the Seattle area, and we just had our first snow during the work week in which the aftermath was icing of the roads. I made it into work OK with some minor skidding that I got through with gentle tapping of the brakes going slowly. Traction control engaged once (that's the beep beep beep sound, right) when I was heading down the slight hill from our neighborhood also around 10mph but stopping on an incline and needing to turn left up another slight hill. Question I have is: when going down an 8%-10% grade with multiple stop lights and likely icy conditions, is that the right time to use DAC? I probably won't try this during rush hour but it's worth trying out when there aren't many ppl on the road with me (e.g., after 10PM). If you feel yourself skidding while starting off slowly down the hill, do you gearshift into 'N', then switch from 'H' into 'L'? If you are in DAC mode, how do you stop if there's a stoplight? Do brakes still allow you to come to a complete stop while in DAC mode? Do you need to lock the center diff in order to engage DAC?
  4. I noticed that they've rolled some of the interior changes from the LX570 into the new 2008 Highlander like the expanded 3rd row seating, the ability for the 2nd row to move front and back, and levers in the rear to retract the 2nd and 3rd rows. Would be nice to see a similar trickledown for the GX.
  5. Your 04 is out of warranty? I must have had it replaced just within warranty because my 04 had the same problem and the dealer repaired it because it was a known issue.
  6. Whenever the redesign occurs, I'd like to see them integrate some of the LX570 design into a more refined/rounded design for a GX570 that isn't as menacing/aggressive as the LX design.
  7. Ontheedge, I have a full factory nav system (with the 2006 gps map) for your GX if your interested. Leave your email and I will give you the details. Excellent. Please email me at Thanks. dcfish, is that the version that has Bluetooth, an iPod connector and the upgraded color graphics? I have a 2004 I'd like to upgrade:
  8. My only real complaint about the GX is that there is no current plan in the 2006-2008 model years to release a hybrid version. It would be nice with rising gas prices to get > 12mpg :)