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  1. anyone have Vossen brand rims on LS 460 2007 model? running 20 x 9 in front and 20 x 10.5 in rear..? any suggestions. I am tired of the stock rims..
  2. 07 LS460 40,100 miles just today heard the same noise when I brake . First Lexus service was a 3 hour smooting of the rotors. Then another ttip this week to hear the "noise" - service tech agreed with noise and said there was a service bulletin from Lexus on it. Replasing all bushings and bleeding brakes...and keeping car I just bought 3 weeks ago for 3 days to get parts and fix it...put me in a SUV for 3 days...we will see where this question was why did they not check the Lexus service bulletin the first time I took it in?? It is Lexus CPO and still related to my purchase 3 weeks ago so no charge to me - just my time and paying for a car I do not have to drive!
  3. working with $26,350 right now....they are considering it - thanks
  4. where did you have it installed? I do like the Vais Tech equip but want the right installer!
  5. any comments on prices for 05 LS430 CPO with 45k miles - or any others you may find? $29,000 is the one I am looking at - I value it at $27,700 based on book and avg auction price. Why will Lexus dealers not deal and look the real value - not what they want to get out of the car?? WE are in a down economy...or is it just at my house??
  6. Have a 2005 LS 430 - want to hard wire / install the SAT receiver to the stereo/ML sys. Any experience with this? IS Lexus dealer the only place that can do this properly? Is it worth it - or is it just as good to get a entire mobile unit from Best Buy or somewhere and mount on dash/windshield???
  7. I have been checking it all out. And researching online, proces in North Carolina seem to be falling for hte 07 models...or dealers are just ready to move the used ones. I have not purchased yet....but working dealer to $32 out the door incld tax, fees, etc...he is about ready to give in...thanks!
  8. It is a nice color and bit different than what I see on the highway daily...thanks for your comment..found an 07 for $32k with 42k miles - mint condition, etc...might have to buy it!
  9. any comments on the Green LS exterior? my wife has the silver and we have had the white - black is out for us and the dark colors....I do not see mnay green on the streets - any comments?