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  1. I have had it at the dealer multiple times. They have gotten it quieter, but not gone completely. I am used to it now, but I dont know if it is happening to those with later models.
  2. Has anyone changed the fog lights on the LX470? How difficult was that? Additionally anyone change to a yellow bulb? If so, what did you swtich to and how do you like them? Since I moved to Austin we have had some heavy fog and yellow fog lights would have helped out considerably. Thanks in advance.
  3. Has anyone installed any ipod integration to work with the existing NAV/stereo? Not the FM transmitter stuff, the direct wire connection to the from the ipod to the NAV. Thanks
  4. The dealer agreed that the RIMS had a flaw in the protective coating and replaced them free of charge. BIG THUMBS UP to Lexus service again!!!
  5. Hey all, I was detailing the GS today and when I got to the rims I noticed the sides of the spokes had big black marks on all 4 of them. I tried P21S and Zaino and the the marks would not come off. The front of the rims were clean and looked fine, but the sides of the spokes have alot of black marks. To me it looks like the protective coating was only sprayed on the front of the rims and not on the sides of the spokes. And now brake dust and whatever else comes off the road is adhereing to the rim. Anyone else notice this issue? Thanks. -Sanj
  6. Would it be possible to put a switch on this modification so that you can turn the saftey feature on and off? Reason I ask is my friend was pulled over for having the DVD playing in the front seat. He added the on/off switch so if a cop is near he can turn the safety back on and it looks like the stock navigation. Thanks
  7. Good spot for reviews is Good luck, cant go wrong with the GS430
  8. If you have kids that want to watch DVDs in the car, this would be great!!! Hook it up! Thanks.
  9. Zaino is the absolute best to keep the cars finish looking good. But you car aquires a static charge right when you start moving, Zaino is notorious for this. So dirt and stuff very easily adhere to the surface. Zaino makes a finish enhancer called Z6, that reduces the static charge on the surface, HUGE HUGE difference!! I do a quick wipe down of the whole car (panels, windows, rims, etc) after I wash it. Finish looks great for quite a while. Hope that helps. -Sanj
  10. When driving in the '06 I keep hearing a rattling sound coming from the rear cabin. It is not a high piched tone, more deeper. I think it is coming from the rear screen area, but am not sure. Anyone else notice this? Thanks
  11. You will have to do this every time the car is started. Looks like that setting change is not permanent...
  12. Make sure you press on the 'Override' for about 2 sec. It won't take the setting if you just tap the 'Override' button. Just used it on my 2006 GS430, worked great, nice to have most of my Nav controls back. Phone override is next ;)
  13. How often does the oil need to be changed in a 2006 GS 430? The manufacturer says every 5k miles...But I used to change the oil in my cars every 3k-4K. How good is the oil that Lexus provides? Is it a fully synthetic or semi synthetic? Any after market oils reccomended for the GS? Thanks in advance.
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