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  1. I'm glad this thread has continued for as long as it has. I was the original thread poster that posted these directions. My 06 GS300 still runs beautifully and DVD modification works perfectly. Keep this thread going! Blue06GS
  2. it doesnt matter if you have the backup camera... i'm the one that posted these directions and everything will work fine. there have been MANY people on this board that have done it with success. i have personally done it to my car and i have the backup camera and everything works perfect. i'm glad that this thread has gotten so much attention as this is by far the best modification you can do to your car.
  3. if you have the Mark Levinson system then yes you can play dvds directly through the 6 cd in-dash player. simply load your dvds just like a normal music cd. also the parking brake has to be on and the car has to be in park. there is way around that but involves cutting wires behind the navigation screen. check out www.clublexus.com if your interested. there is a whole pinned thread that i have started detailing the instructions! as for your other question bout the rear view camera. there is currently no way to hook up a switch to control the rear camera. i believe someone is workign on that right now though. PM me if you have any more questions about your 2006 GS.
  4. Keep it away from other cars. I always park mine all the way in the back of a parking lot, no matter how far away it is. i'm pretty sure they dont make anything that covers the door without it being noticeable. but i could be wrong.
  5. heres a link to the dark tail lights. its actually a film that you put over it. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2006-LEXUS-...013099291QQrdZ1 Hey gs430: you gonna kick me in of the money you getting from doing the installs? haha, just kidding bro. good way to make some extra beer money!!
  6. i'm running 20s with 235/45/20 and they dont rub at all on my 06 GS. i dont see why those tires would rub at all...
  7. its always possible to put $0 down, however you'll probably get a higher interest rate meaning higher montly payment.
  8. This is right on the money! Everything still works perfectly and you wont even be able to tell that a mod has been done till you pop in a movie! Tha nav will still track your car driving down the road.
  9. Hey, your welcome 06GreatScott! I'm glad that i could help you guys out. Enjoy it and be safe!!
  10. I would check out Soundwerx in Scottsdale. They do really good work there, i dont know what the phone number is or the exact address, but they're located on Scottsdale Rd and Thomas Rd in Scottsdale. I'm not that familar with the Glendale/Peoria area but you may want to check out www.dexonline.com and search that area. Hope you find what your looking for
  11. what is YOUR problem?! You were banned from this board for a reason, quit signing up under a diffrent name, your not fooling anyone. dam if i was in GA, id take care of your a$$ myself! actually i'll be out there Nov. 11th and would LOVE to give you a GHETTO a$$ whoopin!
  12. blue 06- Instead of letting it get you down on the board, next time you see someone posting the way Costanza did just send SK or me a PM and we'll take care of it. As you can see, we don't put up with that kinda BS here but we need to be made aware of the issues so that we can take care of them. ← Thanks SW03ES, the reason i said that was because I also got bashed when i posted pics of my car awhile back. Dont get me wrong, I understand not everyone is going to like the mods people do to their cars, but they could say it in a nicer way or dont post at all. Constructive criticism is ok but straight bashing is uncalled for.
  13. I agree with Neo, if your planning on going to 18s, you should lower the car. I wasn't a fan of changing the suspension on these cars, but i am definately glad that i lowered mine (2006 GS). i love the way it looks and handles now. I gotta say that it was due in part to Neo.. :P WELCOME SFQUE10
  14. hey, my friend just had his 60k service done on his 2001 GS at the lexus dealership here and he paid $750 i think...he also had a 15% off coupon that one of the sales people gave him.
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