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  1. 2008 has been a horrendous year for our family. In the past three months my mother died, my aunt died and my brother-in-law died. With travel for business and all the planning for the funerals and memorial services we didn't get to our bills. Toyota Motor Credit Corp d/b/a Lexus Financial called us to remind us that we were late on a payment. We sent them a check later that week, which the woman said was fine. What she didn't tell us was that they reported the late payment to two credit bureaus; Experian and Equifax. Not a single other creditor, not Chase Mortgage, not Visa, not Mastercard, A
  2. I'm only 6' tall (admittedy long-legged) and I still have the seat all the way back on its tracks. I find my knees very close to the steering. I really wish the tracks had two more inches in length, especially since I rarely have anyone in the back seat behind the driver. Mark
  3. I put Toyo on my Audi TT and had nothing but trouble with them. The tires ran fine, but they wore down quickly, at least the one that survived to 18K miles. Three other tires had problems with road hazards on NY metro area highways. I can't remember which tires they were, but three had road hazard problems in 14 months. The original OEM tires on same roads for 3 years didn't have problem and the Toyos were the same size and profile. I finally replaced all of them with another manufacturer's tire and had no more road hazard problems.
  5. Wow! 30" and the RX-400 got through that. That's great. I've always been worried that snow of that depth would get up under car and cause it to float up losing traction and even get up in the engine or battery compartments even with an undercarriage plate. How did it handle in snow that deep?
  6. I'll also be interested in your mpg numbers without the roof rack. You'd expect that they would be better, but its possible that you might actually get worse numbers without the rack. Clearly without the roof rack you should have lower drag, but that is not always a good thing. The roof is an area of low pressure just like the top of an airplane wing, as a result it tends to lift the car off the road resulting in slightly less traction. Turbulence from the roof rack could result in less of the Bernoulli effect. Also the roof rack could create turbulence that would tend to spill over the b
  7. I have 28,000 miles on my Michelins and am starting to see some additional wear on the outside of the tires. I've raised my inflation from 30 to 34 psi, but didn't want to go to max psi as per below. I bought an RX-7 back in the 80's and my dealer signed me up for performance driving school. (If you ever get a chance to do this go. It's the most fun you can have in 30 second intervals.) At the school the instructors would rub a large grease pencil on the edge of the tires and you would drive around a circle faster and faster until you lost traction. On the RX-7 you could hear under-inflated
  8. I attended the Lexus reception in NJ and part of it included a presentation on maximizing gas mileage. Most of the stuff was fairly mundane stuff, but the woman did say that you can get 4 mpg more using premium gasoline. She said that the RX-400 has to get used to premium and it takes 3 tankfuls before the computer system takes advantage of the higher octane. So if regular costs $2.20 and you drive 12,000 miles per year, you need 461.5 gallons at 26 mpg for a total cost of $1,015. If Lexus is right and you get 4 mpg more then at $2.40/gal the cost would be $960 for a savings of $55/year. Yo
  9. Don't think I would like Vallejo. Wonder if they ever caught the guy.
  10. Anybody else get a foldover postcard from Lexus for "good music", "organically grown wines" and "how to maximize your vehicle's fuel efficiency" to be held in NJ on 9/26. It also has a preview of the LS600h. I can't tell whether this is just a sales program or if Lexus is actually trying to build some good will with RX-400 drivers. (BTW: When I RSVP'd I was on hold for 20 minutes with that irritating woman who comes on every few minutes to tell you how important your call is to them.)
  11. I'm noticing more bad info in the GPS and was thinking of upgrading to the most current DVD. Has anyone done this? Any diffences noticed? What is the cost? Also is there anywhere to report bogus information. In my residential area the GPS shows a house with a restaurant and another with a gas station. In addition it shows a through street that hasn't existed for 10 years.
  12. From PRNewswire RX 400h By offering some previously standard equipment features as either standalone options or part of a package for 2007, the base price of the RX 400h is reduced by $3,480, to $41,180 on the front-wheel drive model, and $42,580 on the all-wheel drive RX 400h. Offered as standard equipment on 2006 models, the HID headlamps with AFS, towing package and 18-inch wheels with a liquid graphite finish are now available as individual options on the 2007 RX 400h hybrid luxury utility vehicle. In addition, the following features were previously standard and are now offered as part
  13. RX-400 sales were only 1,190 in June. (Lexus ought to consider a firmware update that lets you select better mileage or better performance.) The Prius has been so successful that Toyota has already reached the 60,000 car limit on the full tax credit. As a result the credit will be cut in half and will disappear next year if they don't change the law.
  14. I'd like to have the option of getting 40 mpg also and I think the RX-400 could do it with the right software. At present the engine software emphasizes performance with the gas engine kicking in too soon when you depress the accelerator. Be nice if Lexus were to offer that as a retrofit. I'd even consider an aftermarket chip like some of the sport cars have, but for mileage rather than performance. I've only got 22K mi of warranty left so the aftermarket chip voiding the warranty wouldn't be a problem in the near future.
  15. I was stopped at a light on a four lane road when I see a Prius pull up slowly in the adjacent lane. I can tell the driver is looking over my hybrid and that he is also one of those earth father types with a grey beard. (The type of guy you just knew was wearing Birkenstocks.) I had my air conditioner on and he had his window open. I was sure he was thinking bad things about my SUV hybrid. As the light changed I looked over and he gave me the split finger "Live Long and Prosper" Vulcan salute. I turned left and he turned right.
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