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  1. I didn’t read the entire thread so I don’t know if this is already been answered but Toyota sells an 062 - BC which is the basecoat followed by the 062 pearl and then you follow that with a clear coat so it’s a three-step process
  2. Well since I was wanting to remove the carpeting for power washing to get cola stains out I pulled the console out first flipped it over disassembled it got the cupholder out disassembled it and I found a blob of hardened chewing gum in the mechanism it just Popped out with a bit of prying and after some cleanup and reassembly it’s now working well
  3. I had not so thanks. I have looked down into the slot in front of the cupholder door with a bright flashlight and don’t see any objects or debris in there at all. There was also a mention on where the fasteners were to remove the console, Which I need to do anyway, so I will do that today and have a look underneath the console thanks again.
  4. How is the lower/floor level trim panel below the shift lever removed on my 2006 400H? (I am pulling the front carpet out of the vehicle) Brian in Austin
  5. Zeus01,... have you Found instructions on how to remove the front bumper cover? I have a small push in dent in mine that looks like it might pop out if I can get the cover off.
  6. There is an actual method where you put masking tape on your garage door or a wall at a pre-measured height and width in front of your vehicle and adjust until you hit the mark
  7. The Front drink holder lid or cover will not close On my 2006 400 H. Is this a common problem and if so is there a known fix? I’ve attached a picture.
  8. My new to me 400 H has substantial cola and/or coffee stains in the light beige carpet front and back I spent considerable time with a little green machine trying to pull the stains out and in some cases it made it worse so I’m thinking my only solution will be to completely remove the carpet then take it to the do it yourself car wash and spend five or $10 spraying it out then let it dry in the sun and reinstall. Obviously the front seats and center console Will need to come out.. I’ve taken my driver seat out so I know what’s involved there. Not sure what would be involved in the Center cons
  9. Hi everyone. I am new here. I recently picked up a 2006 RX 400 H with 175,000 miles on it. The prior owner only did oil and filter changes so I want to change the timing belt, water pump etc. I see a number of kits on the Internet and Amazon any recommendations?
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