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  1. That's right oh wise one, I could have gone directly to the dealer in the first place without messing around with you know nothings and wasting my time and energy. But I decided to ask this brilliant forum and received 5 different answers, all vague and uninformed. None of you gave me a full correct answer, if you had the ability to read and comprehend what you've read you'll notice that #7 said that I needed a base coat to which I asked what base coat would I need? No response was offered so I finally called the dealer to get my answer. So before you start mouthing off, learn to read and
  2. I came to this board looking for knowledge and experience and that's why I posted my initial question. Apparently you didn't feel the need to help, you just felt a sarcastic remark was in order. Explain to me oh wise one how I exposed myself as an idiot? Oh and please spare me more of your pomposity. Actually 040 is not the correct base coat, but should work. The correct base coat color is ......... You should check my previous posts and then you'll find out I actually know quite a bit more than you, but obviously you prefer to look like an idiot on this board. People come here
  3. Hey, your a funny guy, another know nothing heard from. Actually 040 is not the correct base coat, but should work. The correct base coat color is .........
  4. Ok, this forum is virtually useless regarding this topic. After calling my dealer, which I should have done in the first place, they told me that 062 is just a clearcoat finish. They've gotten a lot of complaints about this. You'll need to get an older color called Super White 040 and use it as a base coat before applying 062. Now, all I need to due is use my Langka and try to wipe off the many gray layers of 062 that was recommended I apply earlier. Thanks for nothing folks and your welcome for the correct way to do it.
  5. the o62 is a clear coat with methalic,you can put as many coats as you want ,it is never going to turn need a base coat first and then put the 062 on top ,and you will not have any problem. manny What color base coat should I use for 062 Crystal white then?
  6. Yeah, I'm on my 5th coat, it's slowly getting more opaque but this IS ridiculous.
  7. Yes, I've just used the brush, now I'm going to thicker layers and more drying time, does it eventually work or am I just messing it up?
  8. I purchased a bottle of OEM Toyota/Lexus Crystal White 062 to touch up my slightly scratched rear bumper, that apparently is black plastic not metal, and I've applied a few thin coats with zero success. The touchup paint appears to be translucent gray rather than white. What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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