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  1. It appears to be one of the body clips used to hold all the Tupperware together under the hood. My guess is one got broken and replaced by a mechanic and the broken peice finally rattled out of whatever hole it feel into at the time it broke. It's nothing important unless you have a low hanging plastic bit that about to get torn off...
  2. Post note: I discovered that the cabin filters that I bought for a 2017 Prius are identical to those that I bought for my 2015 RX 350, F-Sport.
  3. Following! I will add a second question: Can any of the running boards be used with mud flaps installed? Thanks!
  4. So I'm raising this thread from the depths of time... 2015 RX 350 F-Sport, similar problem. But, after reading through multiple posts and all the fixed, I solved my problem. Thanks all!! Problem: intermittent working of the auto wiping feature. What was most strange is that my wipers did not default to the standard way intermittent wipers should work when the auto feature does not...🤔 That lead me to believe that the feature was working but wasn't sensing properly 🤔🤔 which left me quite perplexed. So the caveman in me lead me to pushing and squeezing the sensor which, to a degree, caused the feature to work, sometimes...🤯 More reading followed and somewhere along the way I purchased a new gel pad (tape) from an on-line OEM source for a reasonable $12. So last night, right before our road trip tomorrow, I set out to tackle the sensor. Armed with only my fat fingers, some alcohol prep wipers and my strongest pair of cheaters, I pulled the sensor and old gel pad, cleaned both surfaces, thrice, put it all back together, tested it with rain-x mists, and voila! She works great! Most likely, the sensor was improper fitted to the mounting bracket causing the gel to become contaminated with dust and causing malfunction. My 2 cents worth... PS: don't drop the new gel pad onto dirty floor mats... PSS: if you are doing this task with everything still attached to the vehicle, you will need to place the gel to the sensor face instead of inside the mounting bracket (also see PS above 😑)
  5. Just in case any of you were wondering, the rear Weather Tech floor mat for a 10-13 RX 350 DOES fit a 2015 RX 350 (and likely a 2014 as well), despite what you might read or be told. I did have to trim the "lips" on the mat where the seat brackets slide back as they would catch and make the mat bunch up. Quick and easy fix and was much cheaper than buying a brand new rear mat.
  6. I always write the date I change my filter on at least 2 sides of the filter. That way, in the rare event I let someone else touch my vehicle, there can be little doubt as to whether or not it needs changing