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  1. Had it since last spring which in Washington is plenty of time to try out the wipers. I've got the sensitivity all the way up. Another annoyance of mine is the lack of exterior courtesy lighting when you disarm the alarm in the dark. My wife's several year old GMC is nice when you approach in the dark and the exterior lights come on at a push of the remote, one of several user customizable features. It's beginning to register with me that the Japanese build a good solid car but don't have near as many of the user customizable features figured out as the Americans do.
  2. Living in Washington state windshield wipers get lots of use. A good share of the time a steady intermittent wipe does the job perfectly. I'm far from in love with the Lexus rain sensing wiper system. I am constantly flipping the wiper control to give it a wipe when the auto sensing unit doesn't do enough or cursing it when it comes on for little or no reason. What I'm wondering is if it's possible to reprogram the wiper system to return it to a standard/manually operated intermittent wiper system. I know I'd be much happier setting them where I want and leaving it alone. :cries: Thanks for any advice, Rob