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  1. Careful, just got both rear pads and rotors replaced for free due to premature wear on my es300h. The issue based on the pins in the caliper releasing and clamping down the pad and it not releasing. Wore down a pad that was at 7mm to 1 mm in less than 2 months. Dealer had 3 more es models this week with same issue that showed up causing them to call the lexus rep to get the replacement covered. Only 35k on the vehicle so very premature. Got 150k on my prius and no issues ever.
  2. I have a certified 2016 es300h and updated the nav after purchase bc the nav was already 3+ years old. I bought the chip from dealer with discount and the upgraded myself. The upgrade is started in the map menu, then follow the screen instructions very easy. 10 minotes and done