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  1. I was told on another web site that the minimum for the fronts is 25mm & the rear is 8.5mm.
  2. Can anyone tell me the minimum measurement for both back & front rotors for my ES 350 2016 & also can I measure the rotors without removing them? Thanks
  3. I just had my tires rotated & the owners manual (pg 437) says to initialize the "tire pressure warning system". On (pg 438) it says to "Press & hold the tire pressure warning reset switch." The picture shows (pg 438) the switch somewhere under the steering column but I can't seem to find it. Has anyone done this job & if so can you please tell me where to find this switch? thanks
  4. Can anyone tell me if tires should be rotated from front to back or front right to back left or front right to front left? I could also use some advice on what part of the undercarriage to rest the car jack stand on? Also does anyone know the torque spec for the lug nuts? Thanks
  5. So I just did a DIY engine oil & oil filter change on my 2004 ES330. Is it OK to hand tighten the engine oil filter or does it need more force then just hand tightening? Thanks
  6. Thanks, I will likely just leave it alone. Looks to complicated for a light that does not seem to serve much of a function.
  7. I am plagiarizing this photo from another thread (hope you don't mind). My left (as you look at picture) parking light has burnt out (I'm assuming). I have searched google for a replacement video but can only find videos for replacing head lights. It does not look like the parking lights are accessible by the same route as the head lights. Can anyone lead me in the right direction on changing the left parking light? thanks PS: 2004 ES 330
  8. Thanks for your reply sadclown, as you can read in my above posts, I did give your suggestion a shot but the smell is still very strong. I'm guessing there is more nest somewhere in the ductwork.
  9. Hi Pupule7 Thanks for your reply. As I mentioned in post #5, at the suggestion of another member I did find & replace the cabin air filter but the smell while a lot better is still bad. I leave my car in a garage all winter while away & a family of mice (I'm guessing) made a home in the duct work & the urine & crap has penetrated stuff. I have no idea where they got entry to the ductwork. After cleaning out the cavity all around where the cabin air filter slides into, I put a new cabin air filter in & after driving for just an hour or so I then removed the hour new cabin air filter & it stunk like hell already. I will give your Lysol suggestion a try but at $30 a pop for a cabin air filter, I will not replace it again until I can stop the bad smell.
  10. Yes that sounds like it makes the most sense. Thanks
  11. So after cleaning out the mess as best I could it still smells bad whenever the fan is on. I took it to a very good car detailer & explained my issue & he told me the only way to get rid of the smell was to completely remove the dashboard which is the only way to get to the air ducts. He suggested to take it to a Lexus dealer as they would have the knowledge for this. He said removing the dashboard is a big job. I'm not a happy camper!
  12. WOW Paul A., you were right on the money on this one. I removed the Cabin Air Filter & a nest (likely mouse) had been built on the top of the filter. The stench was unbearable. I have removed the filter that was completely clogged with who knows what & tried my best to vacuum the space that the filter inserts into. I then started the car with the filter out & fan on high & more stuff blew out from the ducts. I did not see any dead mice in any of the nest I pulled out. There is no way the mice entered from inside the car so their entry point would have been from some other point. Would you know of any possible entry points that I could check for holes & how I might be able to clean it? I am not sure I have completely cleaned out the problem because from the inside of the car, I can only see a very limited section of the vent/airduct. There is a possibly more nest is stuck further along the air duct that I can't get to from the inside but maybe from the outside. Thanks again
  13. Hi Paul A. & thanks for your welcome. I have gone through the owners manual & I see there is an AC filter behind the glove box that I will take a look at tomorrow, but I don't see any reference in the owners manual to a cabin air filter? It is possible a mouse may have been under the hood at one time but there is no evidence of any mice at the moment that I can see. There has been no fluid stains under the car so I'm discounting any leaks unless they are small. Is it possible for a rodent to get inside the air ducts & then die & rot? Thanks
  14. I own a 2004 330 es & I have a horrible smell coming from my air vents. It doesn't matter if I have the heat on or the AC on. I can't explain the smell, but it is not like rotting eggs or rotting animals & it isn't like any petroleum product but it is a very strong putrid smell. Does anyone have any ideas on what it might be & how I can get rid of the smell? I have already driven for a few hours with the fan on full, but the smell does not seem to be getting any weaker. thanks