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  1. Thank you Trevor. My problems are with the 2004 Lexus RX330 model.
  2. Trevor, thank you for your reply. I guess I can reply to any post merely by submitting a reply. Including my own posts. One issue I have is that I appear to have posted in the RX300 topic area. My post belongs in the 2004 RX330 topic area. I have no idea how to move the post to another topic area. If you can do this or explain how I can do this I would appreciate it.
  3. The servo motor will make noise intermittently at first. It will last longer as time goes on. The servo will make noise if the ignition switch is on even if the AC is off and the engine is has not been started. I am also hearing some noise from the drivers side servo on my 2004 RX330. I am not sure what I need to do next. I am thinking that there is a control unit involved but I don't have a Service Manual to check it out. I paid $83 for the Dorman replacement servo on Amazon. If anyone knows whether there is a control unit in the center console, please let me know. 'Frogie' has a you
  4. I also have a 2004 Lexus RX330 Japan built. The passenger side air blend door servo was making a clicking sound at first. After some time the clicking noise became a ratcheting noise that was quite loud and continued for long periods of time. I removed the glove box and side panel so that I could see the servo actuator. It was easy to identify the servo as the noise maker. With the air conditioner on and the temperature set at 65 degrees the servo arm was in the down position. As I changed the temperature setting (increasing) the servo arm did not move. At 85 degrees setting the servo a
  5. This is a follow up from original post. To remove the glove box there are two screws at the top of the glove box and two bolts located on each side of the lower box. The inner side panel has two plastic holders than can be removed with a quarter. The floor air duct has one bolt behind the duct that can be loosened and the duct slides off. This exposes the air blend door servo actuator which is held by three screws. You will need a stubby philips head to remove one of the screws. After verifying that the blend door actuator was making the ratcheting noise, I removed the servo and repl
  6. I made a post after becoming a member. I went back to the post I made to add a lot of additional information. I am a new member was not able to add content to my original post. How to I add to my original post? My post was about RX330 dash panel removal to access AC blend door servo actuator.
  7. How to remove the glove box and other panels for access to the AC air mix door servo motor (passenger side). Access to the 2004 RX330 AWD Service Manual would help greatly. Servo motor is making a lot of noise (ratcheting noise). I would pull the fuse for power to the servo if I new which fuse supplied it, however, the fuse may supply other electrical components as well.
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