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  1. @kevindboldt I looked into it quite a bit and decided against it...found the "blue" 1.5inch strut spacers that you were talking about from Northwoods Performance, they seem legit and include new sway bars for like $350 in total. @RXOR_02 Luckily I didnt take a beating from the accident like it did to the rig and walked away fine. 0 offset would potentially clear the struts completely with a 235 tire with lower side wall threads. I would be curious how that performs though.. RXs have a pretty wide turn radius and that might make it even wider, could come into play if you plan on doing any
  2. @RXOR_02 im on stock height and suspension. Wheels are 16x8 Raceline Injector +18 offset. Tires are 245/70/16 Toyo Open Country A/T3. The offset makes the difference for strut clearance, didnt want to go with spacers. They clear the base of the rear strut by maybe 5/16”. No rubbing on the front tires either. unfortunately i was t-boned about a week after that photo...RIP RX.
  3. Been following thread for a few years now, took a lot of what yall had to say into consideration so thank you 🙏 @kevindboldt, im interested in your experience with the lift. Do you have a link to your 40mm strut spacer? Pros vs cons? Any other lift options, is your rig still “lexus” quality, ride experience, other maintenance issues, MPG, off road experience? -Kevin
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