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  1. So now I am running a 245/45/18 18x8 rim 35 offset on my 07 es350 no problems. You can use the tire calculater on line to see the difference with the tires both stock and what you want to .l went from stock 215/55/17 to a 225/45/18 now to the wider 245/45/18 and just a hair taller with no problems and no modefications to car .The ride is even smoother. Hope that helps.
  2. What is the offset of your rims ? this would greatly help me compare . Thanks..
  3. Here are pics of my 07 with to different lexus IS350 wheels all fronts 18x8 offset 40 or 45 and oe wheels 18x8 35 offset I like the stock look but 18 inch tires are 225 /45/18.
  4. no rubbing issues ? I want to do a 245/45/18 on a 18x8 35offset rim cant seem to find any info as to fitment most tire websites suggest 235/45/18 any input from any would be appreciated.Thanks
  5. I am running 18x8 40 offset fronts IS 350 wheels on my es350 on 225/45/18 with no problems .... but would like to go to a 18x8 35 offset and 245 /45/18 but cannot find any info ...there is a post with a guy running 20 s on a 245 but not all specs are there he said no problems .I want to keep some of the ride comfort but do want the 18s . .any input appreciated.
  6. I own a 2007 es350 I have currently 18x8 IS350 wheels on it tires are 225/45/18 can I go to a wider tire 245/45/18 ? anybody running this tire on a es350 2007 or later I am getting michelins free from a friend but they are the 245 /45/18 . Thanks for any in put on this.

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