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  1. I've always tried to differentiate my cars in one way or another, whether that means full window tint, after-market wheels & tires, lift kits, or whatever it takes. Over the years, I guess I've rubbed off on my wife. We recently picked up an '07 ES350 with just 30,000 miles on it. My wife's only complaint was that it looked just like every other ES out there. No need to say anything else... Here's where we started: After tinting the windows: After adding a rear spoiler and 20" wheels (8.5" wide) with 245/35R20 tires: While it may not be everyone's "cup of tea", we love the way it looks. Obviously, we lost some amount of ride comfort (though before this my wife drove my Expedition so it's still a huge improvement) but we gained a fair amount of handling. It still doesn't handle like it's on rails, but we lost alot of that floating feeling it had before. We've had no issues with rubbing at all. And surprisingly, even turning the wider tires, it's still averaging about 28 mpg in mixed city/freeway driving.
  2. Guess I need to be posting more! In any case, I'll use the tinypics site. Thanks!
  3. OK, I'm admittedly fairly new to the board (I think this is post # 2) but thought I'd respond to someone in the Wheels forum regarding putting 20's on an ES350. I was trying to insert images in my response using the "Insert Image" icon and a Photobucket link, but I keep getting the response that I'm not allowed to use that image extension on this board. The extension in question is .jpg and I found several other posts in the Wheels forum including Photobucket links & jpegs. Is it that my post count is so low or am I doing something wrong?
  4. Hi. I'm trying to post pictures in the Wheels forum using photobucket links but keep getting the error message that I am not allowed to use the .jpg image extension in that forum. I have found several other posts using .jpg's from photobucket. Am I doing something wrong?

  5. Sure, It is possible to add OEM nav. A dealer won't do the work, They will try to sell you a car with nav from the factory. I beleive I have a ES system ready to ship DCFISH - I am also interested in adding an OEM nav system to a non-nav '07. I am curious as to the cost, the difficulty of the job and the potential to add the backup camera to the system. Thanks.