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  1. Brake Pads For Ls430

    I use AKiBONo Pro Ceramics on all of my Lexuses. They come with shims. Turn the rotors (havwe them watch servicelimits on rotor width) and watch break-in procedures. I've used them on three LS400 and 1 LS430 with no problems. Tirerack has them... Good luck. Also warped rotors typically will be felt through the brake pedal as a sort of pulsing up and down under light brake pedal pressure. You can check run-out pretty easily. Watch torque values on wheel lugs and make sure you tighten in a star pattern on the lugs (I use 75 ft/lb on the torque value).
  2. Do All 2008 Rx400h Has Blue Badge?

    Ditto. My '08 has Blue Badge in rear. Open in front as it has the trailer towing package.
  3. Oxygen Sensors

    DanW, Thank you for the notes. Have you noticed any change in performance, i.e. fuel economy? Thanks, glenmore 1990 LS400 1991 300CE 2000 C280 Performance, no. Fuel Economy, about 1 mpg overall. Seems like mileage is less sensitive to cold weather that it was last year. Best part, that pesky CEL doesn't come on! Got a question. Are all the sensors the same? Or are the upstream ones different from the downstream? I have a 1997 LS 400 and I need to change all of them. Thanks They are different. Go to . I've used them several times and find them good to work with with good prices and free shipping.
  4. Help...installed Power Steering Pump...not Working

    If the rack solenoid is bad or clogged it may prevent most of the steering assist. Advice above is very sound. Also be careful of old hoses. Many of the older hoses when taken off to replace PS pump crack inside and that trash can come down into the solenoid. The solenoid can be removed while rack is in car and it has a built in screen that can get plugged. Goggle rebuilt racks and you'll find several firms that sell cheaper replacement hoses that Lexus OEM.
  5. Maintenance Questions

    Toyota ATF is fairly dark red and if I remember right, there is no specific change interval unless you are following the severe duty schedule. By pulling the drain plug on the AT, you will lose approximately 2 qts of fluid. New gasket and fill 2 qts through dip stick (check level). Brake fluid is golden (I change every two years for me that is best but for sure 60K service). When brake fluid starts looking dark it is picking up water vapor and probably time to change as that isn't good for master cylinder or wheel cylinders. Toyota AF is red and cut 50/50 with water is fairly light red. Change at 60K intervals. When I buy a car I replace the rear end dope with Mobil1 or Red-Line synthetic 75W-90 and change every 60K thereafter. Can't answer 2. I use a light scratch remover by Meguairs (sp?) ScratchX I run K&N air filters in everything I own.
  6. Changing Spark Plugs - What Size Extension?

    Varies. I use a wobbly head 3/8" drive with 6" extension with a 5/8" Plug socket (has rubber plug holder in it---not a standard one) or you can't get the plug out after it is loose. On some models I also use a 3/8" universal joint on the plug socket end in order to get the whole assembly in. I usually use anti-seize on the plug threads (do not get it on the electrode). I mount the 3/8" universal joint on the plug socket add the extension and screw the plug in until hand tight. Then I stick the rachet on and finish it up. Don't overtighten.
  7. Where Is Air Filter On 2005 Ls430

    Is it in the same general area on a 2001 LS 430? Do I need to go with a K&N replacement or can I go with a OEM like from out of Sewell Texas Remove air filter lead in that runs along the top of the radiator. There will be two plastic fasterners one on each end. This will expose the round air filter can on your left right behind the bulkhead as you face the windshield. There will be a circular clamp to release on that filter box to split it. Be sure and line the two halves up correctly (there is a little peg that fits in a slot on the other half. Many times some ham handed idjit has broken it off so you just have to index the two halves yourslef. If you don't get it right the entranceway into the air filter can won't line up coreectly with the induction lead in. You will also have to for ease of change unplug the Mass Air Flow sensor plug and since I'm doing this from memory there may be another hose with the assembly. Loosen the two clamps that secure the ends of the plastic flex pipe that runs between the intake plenum and the air filter box, compress it and get it out of the way. There may be a 10mm bolt securing things end there. Wiggle the air filetr box out, split it in two. I spray it with Engine Gunk to clean it out inside, wash it out thoroughly and air dry with compressor air. The K&N slips right in--- be sure and put the pointy end towards you. Reassemble in reverse and go rumble. While you have the connector off you might want to take some carb cleaner and thoroughly spray out the area around and within the brass butterfly air valve. You'll see it in the front of the intake. PS I run the K+N in everything I own and have had good results with them....
  8. Mobil 1 Synthetic 5W-30 winter and 10W-30 summer as long as engine isn't burning any oil. I have always added a pint of Marvel Mystery Oil at each oil change to try to keep head deposits down. 6-7.5K change intervals always with new Oil Filter (Factory) depending on how milage was accumulated during the period and the season.
  9. Spark Plug Interval

    I noticed a sticker underhood on my '99 saying to use iridium plugs. Is that good, or bad? Or, in other words, not as long-lasting as the platinums? This is the first I've heard of iridium plugs. Gene Yes Iridiums are longer lasting in general than platinum. They can go 90K but in service in 4 LSs 400/430s I have found that a 50-60K change interval works best for me. I run 89 R+M gasoline in NC with a lot of highway milage (K+N air filter) and they make good milage and good power. After change out the cars don't stay on the starter quite as long and usually pick up a mile or so per gallon. The V8 are really smooth idlers so worn plugs just aren't noticable often. All of the plugs I have pulled have had good color to them and fairly wide gaps with noticable electrode tip wear at 50-60K. I use NGK Iridium Laser IX plugs and install with copper based thread anti-seize so they will be easier to get out the next time. Also if you DIY be sure and don't overtighten them. Follow the instructions carefully as they come prepackaged with plug gaskets that seal the plug and cylinder head nicely against leaks. You may also want to use WD40 or some other cleaner that is safe to use of rubber to clean the plug wire end with built in transformer (later motors without two distributors '95 up I think) that goes into the spark plug well in the head---as they can build up a fair amount of deposits from the operating environment over time. I like to put them back in clean.
  10. Actually I think it goes like this: Blue emblem on the front FWD or AWD without trailer towing package. Standard open L with trailer towing package to increase cooling flow. Brand new 2008 AWD RX400h traded my '06 for it. Love them both...
  11. Navigation

    Yours is a Gen23 Disk. Version 7.1 is now released for that model (November 2007).
  12. Navigation

    Yours is a Gen23 Disk. Version 7.1 is now released for that model (November 2007).
  13. Advice - Rx 400h Vs Rx 350

    I own a '06 RX400h FWD that replaced an '04 RX330 FWD. The 330 averaged 19 with my wife driving it most of the time in a 22 mile commute that is about 50% town and 50% highway driving. The RX400h is pulling 29-30 on the exact same trip burning 89RON (mid grade in NC). Anyway we cut it that about a 50% increase in milage---2 weeks on a tank if we wish instead of 1 a week. I change engine air filters at 10K increments, run the Michelins at 33F/31R on the 18" wheels and use Mobil1 5W-30 on 5K change cycles. You have to drive the 400h much differently than the standard 330/350. No engine breaking to speak of so go easy of braking, coast a lot, stay out of the loud pedal until you really need it, plan your driving patterns ahead as far as you can... In my experience you'll see a 1.5-2.0 mpg improvement with the 89 over the 87. Also we just passed 22K on the RX400h and I believe that the motor is just getting broken in well (it just runs better in the last 6 months or so). I was fortunate enough to jump on the 400h the first quarter of '06 so I got the $2,200 federal tax credit and that helped a bunch as well. Just to share this with the group.
  14. Highest Mileage

    1994 LS400 224,481