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  1. I recently replaced the cabin air filter and my air conditioning is working strange. If I restart the car with the engine cold the air conditioning is off even if I had left it on. If I turn the engine off and then back on the AC is on, If instead I wait about an hour, it is off when I start the engine. I don't know if there is any connection to the cabin air filter replacement, but I did have some problems getting the filter out.
  2. I need a new battery for my 2007 LS460. The aftermarket battery soecs call for a model 24 or model 27. I have tried these batteries at Pep Boys, Sears and Costco and they are all too tall. There is a bracket that goes over the battery and attaches to the back wall. The Bosch batteries at pep Boys are about 1/8 inch too high and the others are much too high. I was hoping to avoid going to the dealer to buy the battery. Has anybody replace a LS460 battery (any year). If so what battery did you get and did you have any problem fitting it in.
  3. A number of threads here on the navigation screen going blank but I haven't been able to discover anybody with the cause and solution. In my case I was jumping the battery of my 2005 LS430 and momentarily crossed the cables and got a spark. Car was then jump started and everything works except for the Navigation screen and associated items - radio, CD, air conditioning. I checked the navigation system fuse and it was OK. Anybody solved this problem????
  4. I have Lexus brand leather cases on both of my GS key fobs. Just ease fob out of the leather case. It is a tight fit but one end is open and the fob will slip out. Then follow the instructions as pictured in the manual or stated in this thread. steviej Was able to remove the remote from the case and then the battery replacement was easy. Thanks.
  5. I have a 2007 LS460. The remote is enclosed in a leather case and I don't see how it can be removed to click it open. The owner's manual shows the same instructions a s in this post.
  6. I was looking for under hood engine air filters for my 2007 LS460 and came across the Pentius at Kragen for $10.99. The only other ones that I have seen are the KNN 'lifetime' filters for nearly $50. Anybody have any experience with Pentius products? MM
  7. I want to replace the engine air filter but can't figure out how to get access to it. Any help would be appreciated. MM
  8. I just bought the new version of these tires Pilot Sport A/S Plus. These tires have a 45K mileage warranty from Michelin. They were about $235 each at Costco - $1004 out the door. I actually bought them from America's Tires since they have allow you to make appointments for the free tire rotations. It would have been about $75 higher but they always match Costco's out the door price - actually about $10 less. I've only had the tires for about two weeks but they seem quieter than the Dunlop original equipment.
  9. I was going to change the air filter on my 2005 LS430 but I cannot figure out where it is. Went to the local library but the Chilton manual didn't even show it. Help would be appreciated.