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  1. they are jpeg files and I am trying to upload them to the gallery.
  2. I have been trying to upload my pics on the forum but with no luck! Can anyone help me? It would be greatly appreciated!! :chairshot:
  3. I am getting my pics back of my car today so i will hopefully post them later!
  4. Don't forget that those WRX sti are also all wheel drive so it should rip right out of the hole on a drag strip. It also wouldn't take much for the WRX to get a lot of horsepower. All it takes is a new exhaust and a down pipe. So be careful. Besides that the Lexus should stay on top as the better all around car! B)
  5. It might alos be that it takes some time for the poer to go from the front to the rear wheels. I have not had this problem, but others have said that it occurs in city because of allo the stop and go. the car has to keep transfrering power so it takes a liitle ttime to cathch up, also being that the car is relativley heavy and is rear wheel drive. the only other thing that I can think of is your transmission might be heating up and you might be in need of a transmission cooler.
  6. I was wondering if anyone knew if the spoilers for come painted or not? I am lookingto get one for my 2000 gs300.
  7. Congradulations. There are so many different brands for struts that it is hard to say. I have not put new struts on mine yet so I am not sure what is the best brand. For the radio problem it sounds like the amp. If that is the problem you might have to get a new radio, because it has a built in amp, so if it is bad then the whole unit is bad. For the wheels it all depends on what you want. I put 20x8.5 on my g2 300- and i have no issues with my ride quality. It still rides extremelty smooth. But if lyou are looking for a smaller rim then the 18 would be a good bet. You only want to go 2 inches
  8. I hear ya! There is soo many things to get if you got the money. I think all of the other guys nailed it. Basically the sky is the limit it just depends on what you like.
  9. That webstite had everything that I have been looking for. Thanks for all the help. :D
  10. I am looking for the clear front corners for fmy 2000 gs300 can anyone help? Is there a wesite that I can go to? about how much are they? Also are they hard to install? B)
  11. Well I finally got my car! After all that waiting it finally paid off! It is a 2000 Gs300 platinum edition. I will post some pics as soon as I get some.
  12. thanks that was very helpful. I am going to be buying one in the next day or two.
  13. I want to know what the difference id between a platinum edition and a regular edition.
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