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  1. i do not reccoment this, but obviously i have done it in mine already! lol, bad for your tires, def, but your right, it's fun! have fun!!
  2. First you have to Turn off the VSC, therefore you don't have that traction control on. Then turn that green power light on, on the other side. Hold down the brake, and press the gas, slowly to it's full potential, until your tires start to smoke and the car starts to pull, then let off the brake slowly, still pressing the gas, and you will have a beautiful burnout.
  3. kinda of a hard decision, i run 235/45/20's on mine and that's with 20's. Check a site that will give you a reccomended tire size. has that. and if you use AIM or AOL then you can add RDMwheels to your buddylist and Instant Message them and ask. They give good advise. i asked about 20" Lowenhart LD1, so i'm sure they can give you advise on 19". Hope that Helps!
  4. never seen or heard of it, but you are a very brave girl! G/L!!!
  5. It's actually called the Vizage Body kit. don't know about it being unbreakable, just fig. i'd let u know the official name.
  6. As JPI said, Eibach Springs and L-Tuned Springs are the same....look a lil deeper than the L-tuned name, and you'll find who really makes some of their things... So, in true, it'll ride the same! lol :P
  7. Hey Vanzant don't worry, some ppl get kinda anal about these things. I'm sure JDM is cool and maybe misread what you were saying. This site is about helping other Lexus Onwers...most of these people are cool! ANYWAY! what salvage yard did you get your tail lights at? there are none close to me, and instead of the GB, i might have mine ordered like you got yours. I have had experience w/ salvage yards, b/c i bought my 99 GS400 w/ a cracked Navigation Screen and had to have it replaced. Retail was between 7-10 grand, and i got it for $800!!!! Def. a Huge difference. How much did you pay fo
  8. depends on the driver, but from my experience yes! i have raced several wrx's and have beaten them all. not to say the car isn't a worthy opponent, b/c w/ the high horse power out of that small 4cyl. and the low weight, it's a quick car. but the gs400 outperforms it in the end! Lexus still on top!
  9. Wusup Everybody! I live by the beach in Delaware, and i need to get my bodykit put on! I've had it but didn't wanna get it put on yet. I'm ready cuz i'm gettin ready to park my car for the winter! Does anyone know of a good bodyshop, preferably reasonable, to get it done? let me know! thanks
  10. Also, what did you use to remove the C-Pillars, i'm gonna remove mine, it didn't look as good as i expected cuz my car is silver, and it's a lil much u know!? Any advice on removing them?
  11. What percent are your windows if any? Looks hott! maybe it's a gloomy day, or no tint just looks good...
  12. Are there any new group buys out there guys? haven't seen any, haven't heard about any?!
  13. Thanks y'all! Kandy i'ma hit you up when i get ready to add somthing new, i let you know and if you know a good place to get it, let me know! Once again! thanks everyone!
  14. i have a '99 GS400. Pics will be up soon! Expecting a Digital Camera for Christmas so, will take pics after new camera gets in!
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