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  1. For less than $7 you can get a switch to turn of the power to your vehicle. Put it on the +ve terminal and with a quarter turn it disconnects the power. I use it regularly when I am away for long periods. Bought it at Wallymart.
  2. Had the alternator and battery replaced and now the radio does not work.  I  see from other sites that a reset code may be required.  Does anyone have it for a 2007 GX470?

    1. sinoma


      Update.  The Toyota tech did not check the fuse!  I checked and it had blown.  Wow, what service!  New fuse and radio works again.  That said the windows had to be reset as one would not work from the driver's control.  Disconnecting the battery does seem to have some associated problems.

  3. Welcome to the Lexus forums sinoma :)