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  1. Gotta love Friday the 13th.

  2. Yesterday's near death experience taught me three things:1. Don't drive next to anyone on the freeway.2. Don't drive next to any blonde girls on the freeway.3. Don't drive next to any blonde girls in white Corollas on the freeway.

  3. Where can you find the 25-inch wiper blades for the IS350? Thanks!
  4. It's a little different for me. Whenever I start the car, or within a minute of driving the car after I just started it, I would get a single, loud beep. It can't be the seat belt reminder, since it's on already, the car door(s) are all closed tightly, and I don't think it needs any service yet (no lights on yet). So, I don't know what's with that.
  5. Not even 900 miles on the car (got it less than a month ago), car saids 20 mpg. Calculations from my phone's calculator saids 19.85. IS350 w/ F-Sport package. I seriously hope the mpg can get better than that.
  6. Authorize

    My IS350 F-Sport

    My first Lexus, the 2012 IS350 w/ F-Sport package, Nav, Backup Camera. Nebula Gray Metallic with Black interior.
  7. Hello all. I am fresh to Lexus. Just got a new IS350 w/ F-Sport package a few weeks ago. Still get excited when I get in and drive :D Attempted to upload some pics, but my pics are too large (approx. 2 MB each). Anyhow, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and here's looking forward to a nice 2012!
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