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  1. Yes there was a four wire connection to the phone device. Two wires + & - red, black and another two, blue and yellow in the same plug so possibly the yellow one was the mute one. I haven't traced where they going to cos didn't want to strip down all the central console, I just unplugged the plug from phone device and leave it hanging loose for now. Actually I've just finished with amp as well and result is that the front left speaker and sub in the boot works full power but still no sound from other speakers. I guess the amp. have some water damege to the channels, I think to take it off again and check for the damage more carefully, if I only had a amp. scheme it would be easier. Without it I can only read what's on the green plate but I'm not electric mind, only amateur so there's no guarantee I can fix it. Thank You for your helpfull advises anyway!
  2. A little update about what I found out. I've dismantle phone kit completely, including phone cradle, a device from underneeth the central console, where all wires were conected to, speaker, aerial lead, and mic. I haven't take off the devices I have pictured earlier, those from the boot. I don't know what r they for, I guess that's what left from original phone kit cos the one I just striped was a amateur job and not original, just an old style Nokia set. Radio start finally giving some sound, after few mins of playing but is still quiet, not what U can expect from premium sound system, definetely is not muted anymore just playing quietly. I took off the amp and find out that it was all wet and very dirty inside. Amazing that it was still working at all. I'm drying it now to see if that helps. I had a look inside and can't see any burned things in it so I'm hoping to be fine.
  3. On the first picture from the left You can see aerial lead so it's defo something to do with the phone. On the weekend I will dismantle the phone cradle and we'll see what will happen. Basicly take off all the phone system off. I let know if that helps.
  4. Thank You for Your quick reply, I'm in UK so it may be different than in U.S or Canada versions. I located the phone ECU in the boot and there's aerial lead going into it and +,-. There's also second box with +,- botch pluses and minuses where connected to "electronic plate" I've disconnected all of them and tried to connecting + to+ and - to -. It's a bit better and louder but not much. Phone still beping so I think I need to dismantle phone cradle as well. I'm uploading couple of pictures what I'm dealing with, maybe that will give You some trace what should I do next.
  5. Hello everyone! On the start I need to say I did search the forum for some answers and I've found simillar problems to mines but not exactly the same and with different models. I'll start from that the radio sound is very quiet and I can hear any music only on full volume and only in front left & back right speaker. I think the problem is connected somehow with a nokia NHK-4RY 2148i telephone I have instaled in the car. Thing is the phone battery or phone itself is dead, I mean I can switch it on but it will go off after 2-3 secs, seems to getting the stereo in mute mode. Even if I plug it in to the charger it's doing the same. Also keeps beping through the little speaker by the passanger legs. I read that is quite common fault and it can be fixed by disconnecting phone ecu. Others saying it's amp gone. If I take the phone off the car plug sound goes totaly quiet. I have Premium Sound System instaled with CD changer in the boot and since I've noticed the huge speaker on the bck I can't sleep keeps thinking how to get it working! lol My question is: Are any of You, GS300 users ever deal with same problem? Is it true that disconecting the phone ECU and closing the circuit will solve this? I'm hoping that is only phone turned on mute causing this not the amp. Another question is which one of two small boxes in the boot is the phone ECU? I can make the photos of what I have in the boot if that helps. I'm a huge music fan and simply can't live without music so please don't let me die!! LOL
  6. Thank You! I'm just finding that Lexus is great!!
  7. Thank You! I did google it but forgot about Wiki :S Thanks
  8. Hi! My name is Lee and as a fresh Lexus owner I wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone on this forum. I got my Lexus accidently to be honest lol. I've swap it for old bmw convertible I had before. I'll be glad if someone could give me some informations about my model as I've been told it's Gold Edition?? Check out my gallery, there's a couple of pics I took b4 heavy rain starts in !Removed! UK lol, that's where I live now. originaly from Poland.
  9. RealMachete

    My Lexus GS300 Sport

    A few pics of my Lexus GS300 Sport from 1996year. Any info about it very welcome as I want to find out as much as possible, being told it's Gold Edition? Tell me what You think :)
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