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  1. BUMP... I'm having the same problem. My passenger door window gets stuck when lowered. It doesn't respond using both the passenger doors switch OR the drivers master control keys.
  2. Thank you "Golden" I just did the step-by-step and it took me 1 hr. The truck started right up and is running beautifully. One thing though, once I started the truck, the TRACTION OFF light came on along with the VCS and the CHECK ENGINE LIGHT. Did this happen to anyone else?
  3. Thanks for help. My 01 RX300 had trouble with idle and low rpm idle too. Cleaned the idle control valve as instructed and works great. A little note for first timers, use a #3 philips screw driver for the 3 screws on the throttle body. Be prepared for coolant to leak out, I had about a quart of coolant leak from the hose line. Maybe it was because the car engine had been run. I did have to buy 3 new screws from the dealer, as mine were a worn out. Ok so I followed the instruction posted by 'oldrx300' and the problem is still here. Now I noticed in the picture that 'RX300BILLY' posted he took apart the whole assembly not just the IACV. Is this what I'm supposed to do? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. MistahX


    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi. Found this site and I'm very thankful I did. You guys have helped me a lot when it comes ot my '01 RX300. Thanks once again...