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  1. Thanks for the positive statement, Lenore. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will be a 'good to go' for awhile. I really enjoy the RX300, and wish I could afford a much new model year, but will have to hope this most recent fix will keep me going for some time yet. I'll have to say that the Firestone shop has been very, very good to me since I started going to them in 2005. They are always very honest and patient with me. I do a lot of research so I can ask intelligent questions. I am very pleased with their work. The AAMCO place is a new experience, and so far I feel that they are also doing the right things. Comping me the engine replacement, putting me in a rental car, replacing the knock sensors at no charge, speaks loudly for me. They are located right behind the Firestone shop and they work closely with customers from both shops. This is in Tucson, AZ on Ina Road, if anybody else is in this area. Jonathan is the manager of the Firestone and he is a standup kinda guy. Skip is the manager of the AAMCO - same thing. Both are very honest and right up front. Had to put in a good word for both of them. Thanks for 'listening' to me.
  2. Lenore, I have oil changed every 5k or sooner & Firestone shop uses synthetic oil. This whole issue started with po171 code. Drove for a few more days then transmission did not shift into OD. That's when I took into Firestone. Knock sensor code showed then. Replaced MAS (after trying to just clean). Tech did test drive & felt a 'shudder' in shift from 2nd into 3rd. He checked tranny pan and fluid was black with metal particles in bottom. He recommended to have transmission looked at. After many discussions with managers at both shops I agreed to have transmission opened up. In planetary gear set a pin was loose in one of the gears causing the problem. So I agreed to a rebuild. Once done a test drive done & shifting out of first was not satisfactory for manager, so a new part ordered for that. Plus they replaced knock sensors at no extra charge. Second test drive resulted in having to replace engine....at no extra cost to me. Manager said this is first time in his 25 years of doing this that this has happened. I haven't had a chance to talk to Firestone manager yet because he was away from shop yesterday. I'm just hoping that this replacement will give me a few more months until I can find a better used auto. Can't continue to pour $$ into this one.
  3. Here's my story on my 1999 RX300 - the second one I've owned, bought in 2010, and last week was told that the transmission needed to be rebuilt (would not shift into OD). I have approx 123K miles on it. I get all my service done at a Firestone shop (they are great!), and the tech found very dark tranny fluid with metal particles in the pan. AAMCO rebuilt the tranny ($2850), took it out for a test drive, was shifting good, then he heard a 'tickticktick'. Stopped the car, looked under the hood, didn't see anything, got back in the car and the engine light came on. He had it towed back to his shop. I got a call yesterday telling me that they were going to put in a new (used and comparable in miles) engine because it basically blew a piston. One sparkplug looked like it had been bashed with a hammer. They are comping me the engine - no cost to me - and they've had me in a rental car since last Friday. Now what? Told me that they will give me 6k/6 month warranty (I've seen other engines with more miles than mine for 1 year warranty). Do I trust this car after all this? Any reassurances from anyone?
  4. ohoh! Day before yesterday, driving home from work, I noticed that the transmission was not shifting up into the overdrive. So, at 50 mph the tach was at 4000rpm. Next day, the first shift went ok, but as I drove, slowed down or had to stop at a light, getting back up to speed, the non-shifting happened again. Took it to the Firestone shop (they've done all the work on this car and know it and me very well) and they took it next door to Amco Transmission. I had a transmission flush last November, but they said the fluid is running very dark. I have 123,000 miles (approx) on it, bought it used and still paying on it. What am I looking at here? I can't NOT get it fixed, but I'm thinking I need to try to sell it, pay off the rest of the loan and get another car? I'm not wealthy by any means and will have to put any repairs on a credit card. Also, the MAS went bad last week (coded PO171), so that has to be replaced also. The tech also said the computer was coding a 'knock sensor', which to replace that (2 + labor) is about $1200. Aaarrrggh! Any thoughts, anyone? Thanks!
  5. Bought a 1999 RX300 a year ago. Engine light came on a few months after purchase and code P0440 was indicated. After diagnostics, had new charcoal canister installed, all hoses checked, everything good. Engine light comes on again a couple months later, same code. Couple things were tightened, but nothing serious. Repeat - light and code. Nothing was found. Reset code. Mechanic (Firestone and qualified) said I should probably go to Lexus dealership because their code reader is more detailed for Lexus products and they might find something else. Engine light came on again - same code. Went to Firestone, had it reset to see how long before light came on again. 3 weeks later, light comes on. same code. I haven't reset it yet, thought I'd write something here to get any other ideas. I think the gas cap is ok, and I make sure I set it tight after adding fuel, but I could get a new one and see if that helps. Any other ideas?
  6. I had to replace the blower motor control relay on my 99 RX300 and the part from Lexus was +-$350. Got on here and asked if anyone knew of where I could locate this part? Got a reply to look on the website Lexus Parts Now. The part was half the price. I ordered it, took my car and part to my mechanic, who just called and said the part was the right one and my blower is now working properly. You can put in your car's VIN #, and a list of all parts available for that make/model are listed. Good luck!
  7. I looked at the website, entered my VIN #, and there might be something there. I'm printing out the diagram and will take to my mechanic to see if that's what the part looks like. Thanks for the tip!
  8. I have a 1999 RX300. The other day I got in the car, turned it on, turned the dial on the right to turn on the fan (blower) for air/AC, and instead of being able to adjust the fan speed, it just went to high and stayed there. The graph can still be regulated, but the speed of the fan stays on high. Took it to my mechanic and they said it's the 'blower motor control relay'. The part is only a Lexus part and the cost is $370! Give or take. Does anyone know if there is an after-market part for this? The Lexus part # is 87165-22020. Thanks for any help/ideas. BTW, I LOVE my RX300!!