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    2001 RX300

    Various photos of my 2001 RX300. Currently I am adding photos for installing a towing hitch on a 2001 Lexus RX300. Various sections of the car that are affected - both before and after the hitch is installed.
  2. From the album: 2001 RX300

    This is a length wise shot of the right side mounting holes for the trailer hitch. You can only see the first 3 holes. You can also see that the heat shield for the exhaust is going to get in the way of the front two mounting holes.
  3. From the album: 2001 RX300

    This is a picture of the front 2 mounting holes on the right side of the frame (Those closet to the front end of the car). These are in a separate picture than those of the rear because the exhaust keeps me from getting a clear shot of all four.
  4. From the album: 2001 RX300

    This is a shot of the Right side - back 2 holes/existing bracket on the frame where the trailer hitch will be installed. This is on the right side of the car - just to the right of the exhaust. It is very close - and I had to take a separate picture of the front 2 mounting holes.

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  5. From the album: 2001 RX300

    Pre-Installation of Towing Hitch, view of spare tire/storage compartment.
  6. 2001 Lexus RX300 - 60k miles. Full leather interior, luggage rack, CD system, heated seats. Purchased this car a little over a year ago, April 2007. According to CarFAx - I I am the second owner. This was originally a corporate/fleet vehicle. Upon purchasing the car used from a volvo dealer - I took it to Naperville Lexus and had the complete Certified used vehicle inspection done. I knew it needed new tires & brakes - but wanted to se if there were any other issues. The antenna also had to be replaced because it kept getting stuck - and the dealership said this would burn out
  7. I'm Looking for a replacement steering wheel for my 1997 Lexus ES 300 - any help guys? I would like to get the steering wheel that has the wood grain look matching the interior wood grain pieces. Was this available in the 1997 model? If not - can I still put one on? I went to the website but couldn't tell if the steering wheels were the one I needed. Any help would be appreciated. .............Bo
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