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  1. Wish I could help, but my knowledge is limited to just owning a few Lexuses over the years, and there are numerous problems that can lead to poor mileage. A mechanic's diagnosis should identify the issue, unless, like you suspect, the ECU/ECM has gone bad and is not giving the correct messages. Good luck, and keep posting fresh messages with more info to try and get some advice from people ...

  2. hey Kevin,you helped me out before so your batting fuel mileage has dropped 7-8 miles per gallon,mechanic said the computer thinks the car is running lean so its pumping more runs great no check engine light however the cruise control also kicks into hi and then back shifts back down continuosly,could this be my computer?

  3. 1990 LS400- Do you have any experience with the exhaust on your UZ V8? I need two new cats, the pair next to the exhaust manifolds, and I'd rather go aftermarket to save money. My Lexus dealer says Florida is the one state where it's legal to not have catalytics, can I get straight pipes or will this throw off the engine management or EGR or mufflers?
  4. Any of you familiar with aftermarket exhausts on the UZ V8? My Lexus dealer says Florida is the one state where it's legal to not have catalytics, and I'd like to get a straight pipe system, no matter the loudness, but will it throw off the engine management or the EGR? My car's a 92 SC400.
  5. Anyone ever have luck w/ aftermarket exhausts on the UZ V8? I need two new cats at $2,000 each, but I'd rather put on a less restrictive exhaust, and the Lexus dealer even says Florida is the one state where it's legal to get away without any cats... would really like to get straight pipes no matter the loudness, and would that also help power and mileage? But will it throw off the engine management or the EGR? My car's a 92 SC400.
  6. I'm sure I need to get new catalytic converters for my '92 SC400 so I'm bringing it to the dealer in a week, so can anyone with experience tell me what price I'm looking at? And on a schematic I have it looks like there are 3 converters, do all 3 have to be changed at once and do other parts need to go in also? All my symptoms point to simply a clogged exhaust from a bad cat. Thanks for any advice.
  7. I've had a '92 SC400 with 90K miles for about 6 months now, but I'd stay away from SCs unless you have a few thousand dollars saved for repairs within the first year, or know a good mechanic outside of a Lexus dealer who will do good work. They are moderately reliable, but with the age these cars are getting to parts are going to fail and Lexus parts are very pricey. If you do have your heart set on one it is worth it if you find a good example and can afford to get warrantied parts and labor at a Lexus dealership. I'd recommend looking at GSs or ISs after year 2000, and you'll probably get a
  8. was reading your post on your sc400 overheating at times, I currently work for toyota and have discounts on parts/service work, maybe even ecm reflashes.. with all consideration that the state tax may be more/less.. to make it short, certified toy/lex auto tech, wholesale discounts for parts and poss. warranty/service repairs. lmk if you need Lexus info/diag and i will email it or give u a log on

  9. Got a brand new radiator and thermostat at the dealership, w/labor and coolant flush/refill it was $1280, they said the old radiator wasn't circulating correctly. Expensive, but worth it since it's all warrantied for a year. Next, I need to find an ECM. The service rep said I could probably find a used one online for about a hundred bucks, and he'll install it for free, any suggestions? Also, anyone know of a good school to go to in order to become a Lexus technician?
  10. Just found out all I need is a new battery. Surprised but relieved, I guess the car can still get electricity from a low battery, but not have the juice to crank the motor? You were right jzz30... cool cars, I had a 94 ES300 that got to 200k easily, now I got this 92 SC400, want to keep it forever, can't say enough about this car. Waiting for diagnosis about Check Engine light and engine overheat/no HVAC heat, see if I can provide some insight about maintaining our cars.
  11. hey kevin thanks for the info on my heater,fixed the problem in seconds.jeff

  12. Thanks a lot for the help, got the car towed to dealership and have to wait a few days to get diagnosis, it's gotta be the starter b/c the car has electricity (headlights and guages work), right? Well I was planning to get the car checked out at Lexus anyway, keep you posted
  13. Just go for a Certified Pre-Owned if you can afford it, then you're guaranteed. I've seen Lexuses as old as 2005s w/ CPO warranties, so if you're willing to get a more recent year it should be easy, but I highly reccomend the warranty because the Lexus V8 is actually considerably trouble prone, a dissapointment as I've researched it for years hearing it was bulletproof, and then I finally buy an SC400 (pretty much the same engine), only to find out that it's very common to have trouble with many of the engine's accessory parts, but at least the engine itself is solid,short story, do whatever y
  14. When I turn the ignition I get the clicking sound and nothing else, car is in great shape with only 94K miles, battery is three yrs old, perfect condition, clean leads, starter and battery have always been perfect, starting right up within a second or two, can't tell from forums what the bad part is, appreciate getting some advice
  15. Search the website for this, same thing has been occurring with my SC400, only I have to deal with the engine overheating as well. Search for 'heater blowing cold air; heater control valve; cooolant; thermostat'- there are many threads as it seems the V8 has a common issue with the entire coolant system. If this is your only issue, hopefully you're just low on coolant or air got into the system, and with the heater core (the heat element of the HVAC system) being at a high point in the loop, it doesn't get hot coolant flowing through, but I can't say for sure the exact way to top off coolant o
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