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  1. It can be very difficult to drill out. You can purchase a solid carbide burr and grind(make sure carbide is on tip) Then use left hand drill same size as used for tap(make sure drill is in reverse) this will draw old bolt. Good luck Jeff
  2. Happy to hear the problem was solved,how about your low profile tires,did you change to stk ones?
  3. philcindy,the only thing i can think is the sunroof,this is the only time i have experienced this.
  4. Wish I could help, but my knowledge is limited to just owning a few Lexuses over the years, and there are numerous problems that can lead to poor mileage. A mechanic's diagnosis should identify the issue, unless, like you suspect, the ECU/ECM has gone bad and is not giving the correct messages. Good luck, and keep posting fresh messages with more info to try and get some advice from people ...

  5. my computer also states car is running lean,so of course its pumping fuel,car runs great otherwise,can anyone help,is it my ecu?
  6. 1992 sc300,gas mileage way down and when cruise control applied rpm fluctuates,shifts up and down
  7. hey Kevin,you helped me out before so your batting fuel mileage has dropped 7-8 miles per gallon,mechanic said the computer thinks the car is running lean so its pumping more runs great no check engine light however the cruise control also kicks into hi and then back shifts back down continuosly,could this be my computer?

  8. is the computer functioning properly,if so how much do you want?please email me at thanks
  9. hey kevin thanks for the info on my heater,fixed the problem in seconds.jeff

  10. i have a 1992 sc300, year ago i started having heater problems.The car would warm up normally but once the car was turned off and then started again it would only blow cold air for 10 to 15 min then warm up again.about a week ago it started to blow cold air only,water is fine,temperature gauge is normal,does anyone know what this could be
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