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  1. I am ready to replace my touch screen on my 2010 GX, I found a good video on how to remove the unit, however I haven't had any luck finding information on how to remove the screen. Has anyone found any pictures or videos that can help me remove the screen? Does anyone have instructions on how to remove i?I found some pictures and videos of removing the screen from an IS250 which somehow gives me an idea of what is involved. I would really appreciate any tips, ideas or suggestions. Thanks in advanced!
  2. Are there any instructions or tutorials on how to replace the LCD screen? I want to know how difficult it is to replace the screen. I haven't been able to find anything on the internet about replacing the screen, I found a video about removing the unit which was very informative.
  3. I am in a similar predicament, I have 2010 GX and while carrying some racks one of them hit the display while stopping and damaged the plastic layer on the screen. The display works fine the top plastic layer is damaged. The cheapest I found it was at a dealer in Georgia for $8K. It's easy to replace, difficult to find a replacement.
  4. In my GX they look kind of dirty, maybe you want to put some lithium grease and keep them lubricated to keep the moisture off a little from the hinges.
  5. I have a lot of fun and satisfaction working on my GX and noticed that the rear brake pads soon will need to be replaced. I know how to take off the front rotors by putting some DW-40 and using a rubber mallet to get them off. However because of the parking brake, I don't know how to get the rotor out so I can resurface it, which at this point doesn't look that bad anyway. Does anyone know how to get the rear rotors off? I have to do my wife's ES350 too so I figure I'll do mine first then hers. Any tips and help can be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  6. I am using the luminics H11 titanium white. They are almost white with a light tint of yellow. They have lasted for 15 months so far, but I am ready to replace them with HID's.
  7. Have you tried using a relay harness and connecting them straight to the battery?
  8. I happened to find the answer in another Lexus forum, thanks anyway. Yes, it can be done and of course with the right kit you won't have any problems.
  9. I want to upgrade my fog lights to HID with a Philips H11 conversion kit and I wanted to know if it can be done. My truck(2010 GX460) has already HID lights on the low beams and DLR's, I don't know if this will be a problem when adding an extra set of HID lights. I look at the Philips lights on a website called philipshidkits.com and they had an option for a relay harness in addition to the kit, which I emailed the tech support and said that I needed it. The installation doesn't seem to be that difficult, I just want to know if the addition of an extra HID kit will cause any electrical problems whatsoever. Thanks.
  10. 2010 Knight's Armor Pearl (Kind of charcoal grey)