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  1. 6 mos. or 5,000 miles is the interval set by Lexus for service/oil change. If you live in areas of "extreme conditions" (non-specified) then it is recommended to do it sooner. Since the engine temperature is regulated by the cooling fan and the coolant, it really matters very little weather you live in Dallas or Butte, MT as far as how hot the oil gets, so forget letting some dealer service writer talk you into intervals less than 5,000 miles or 6 months. Now if you live at the end of some dirt road or have excessive dust or pollen in the areas in which you commonly drive a shorter interval might be justified. And by the way, the oil change intervals are soon to be increased to 10,000 miles on GS and IS as they already are on the current `10 RX350 & GX460. It's because Lexus has now begun to use synthetic oil. Bellman
  2. Actually, the current version of software for the `06-`10 IS series is 09.1 Bellman
  3. Actually, the current iteration of software available for the `06-`10 IS series is 09.1
  4. F-Sport options are available now from Lexus as dealer installed or over the counter options and will not compromise your warranty. The sport tuned exhaust sounds great and allows for some reduction in resistance and a minor increase in horsepower. The sway-bars, Bilstein shocks and lowering springs have a huge effect on stiffness & cornering . There are other brake/suspension combinations that are quite noticeable, but unless you have the 3.5 ltr engine they're probably wasted.
  5. Nope! US/Canadian units don't have A/C (cooled, or power ventilated to be more precise) front seats until the 2010 model year. The controls for the heat/vent function are the dual-function dials immediately fwd of the center consul armrest next to the port for the iPod/MP3 and phone cords.